Issue 31: Provision of Annualised Advance and Estimated Annual Consumption Data to LDSO

Formal title: Provision of Annualised Advance and Estimated Annual Consumption Data to LDSO

Current Status


Currently Annualised Advance and Estimated Annual Consumption Data is provided by Data Collectors to Suppliers and Non Half Hourly Data Aggregators through use of the DTC data flow D0019. Modification Proposal P43 was raised by Western Power in January 2002 proposing that these should be provided to LDSOs. This proposal was rejected. At the time one of the key reasons for rejection was the lack of support. However, it appeared to be acknowledged that this was an issue that could be revisited at a future date if circumstances changed. We believe circumstances have changed.

At the time of the proposal business separation was still being undertaken and business attention was focussed elsewhere. However, all LDSOs are now operating as completely separate entities and no longer receive site specific consumption information in respect of customers trading under the supercustomer mechanism. Therefore, it is appropriate to review the value that such information has to LDSOs.

New LDSOs have entered the market. Typically, such distributors connect their networks to the distribution systems of the ex-PES LDSOs. Ex PES DNOs and IDNOs are exploring solutions that avoid the use of boundary metering to ascertain use of system. One potential solution involves the IDNO providing aggregates of settlement data to the ex-PES LDSO for the purpose of billing DUoS. This would in essence replicate the current mechanism for billing of DUoS to suppliers. By IDNOs providing the data to the LDSO no changes to the BSC systems and products are required. However one of the concerns raised by DNOs is that they need to understand maximum demands on IDNO connections on a site by site basis for network planning and operation reasons. The solution proposed is for the DTC dataflow D0019 to be provided by the data collector to the relevant LDSO.

For more information please refer to HTU Standing Modification Group IssuesUTH page on the Elexon Website.


The Issue 31 final Report was presented to the BSC Panel on 14 February 2008. Issue 31 has resulted in Modification Proposal P222 ‘Provision of EAC and AA data to Distributors’


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