Issue 33: Fuel Security Code (FSC) Guidance

Formal title: Fuel Security Code (FSC) Guidance

Current Status


Further to the publication of a revised Fuel Security Code the BSC Panel raised P221 ‘Amendments to the BSC to reflect the revised Fuel Security Code (FSC)’. P221 simply ensures the BSC is consistent with the FSC and has been recommended for approval by the Panel.

As part of the consultation for P221 the Panel received feedback that a standing Issue group should be formed to consider the FSC guidance (which published alongside the revised FSC) and the letter sent from BERR to Ofgem regarding queries raised in relation to the revised FSC. Respondents suggested that clarification may be necessary (either formally within the BSC or in the form of guidance from Elexon and/or Ofgem) regarding:

  1. Cost Recovery Processes;
  2. Interim Claims Processes;
  3. Communication of Fuel Security Period;
  4. Presentation of Claims; and
  5. Role of BSC Panel.

The BSC Panel therefore agreed to raise a new Issue to consider the FSC Guidance and BERR letter to Elexon. The Fuel Security Code guidance can be found on the BERR website


The Issue Group has concluded their discussions and the report will be provided to the Panel in July and a copy can be provided to the Grid Code Review Panel. The Issue report will set out a number of recommended clarifications and additions for Section G of the Code (Contingencies). The Groups have developed a common ‘claims’ process for claims under either Black Start or and FSC period. The Group has also highlighted some further areas for consideration that do not relate directly to the BSC.

It is proposed that these changes are progressed via a single Modification. Elexon has offered to assist in the drafting of a Modification and a Party has indicated willingness to raise a Modification. Due to cross industry resource constraints it is suggested this Modification be progressed after the summer. The Group members have kindly agreed to provide input to any draft Modification and we will discuss the content with Ofgem.


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