Issue 37: Boundary Point Metering and BM Unit Issues in Section K

Formal title: Boundary Point Metering and BM Unit Issues in Section K

Current Status


The Issue relates to Section K of the BSC in which three areas of concern have been identified and highlighted by the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG).

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Modules: In most cases both generating units associated with CCGT Modules are coupled together before connecting to the Transmission System and metering is installed at the Boundary Point which facilitates the BMU requirements. However if the generating units are of licensable size then additional metering is required for each generator even though the CCGT Module remains a single BMU in both cases.

Power Park Modules (PPMs): Under certain circumstances additional metering is specified which may exceed the BMU requirements. This is particularly relevant for off shore wind farms where currently the BSC requires that all Boundary Points should have metering installed (typically at the connection of each string of turbines).
Lack of provision for the transfer of generators from one BMU into another by virtue of switching through alternative routes to the Total System. This can be problematic if it becomes necessary for PPM operators to re-route generator outputs in the event of a cable or generator fault.


The Issue Group met on 3 June, and discussed the issues regarding BM Unit and metering configurations for Offshore Power Park Modules and CCGT Modules that were identified in Panel paper 155/10. The Group agreed that these issues appear to be defects in the current BSC drafting that should be resolved as quickly as possible in order to minimise regulatory uncertainty for offshore wind farms transitioning into the new Offshore Transmission regime. The Group also identified potential solutions to the various issues, which Elexon will now investigate in more detail. The Group agreed to hold one more meeting to finalise its conclusions before reporting back to the BSC Panel on 9 July.

The Issue Group met for a second time on 23 June, and agreed that they had identified potential solutions to the issues identified in Panel paper 155/10. The final report from Issue 37 is being sent to Panel in paper 157/04, which includes the recommendation to close this Issue.


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