Issue 44: Balancing Mechanism Pricing

Formal title: Balancing Mechanism Pricing

Current Status


The Proposer identifies issues with the rules for Bid-Offer Data Prices in the Balancing Mechanism that can result in inefficient pricing and/or reduced flexibility to meet the challenges of future system operation.  These issues are at their most significant for multi-shaft Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Modules and Cascade Hydro Schemes, but also affect other generators.

National Grid has raised Issue 44 on behalf of the Grid Code’s Electricity Balancing System Multi-Shaft Modelling Subgroup.


National Grid raised Issue 44 on 20 April 2012. The Panel considered the Workgroup’s report on 11 October 2012, and noted that the Workgroup did not recommend any changes to the existing BSC rules. You can find a copy of the Workgroup’s report below.




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