Issue 53

Formal title: Reforming the Change of Supplier meter read process for smart electricity meters

Current Status


The existing Non Half Hourly (NHH) Change of Supplier (CoS) process is complicated, relying on multiple information flows being sent between new and old Suppliers and Supplier Agents. Due to the number of flows of data being sent the process is prone to error. When the data flows are not sent or cannot be processed by the recipient, delays occur which can result in inaccurate data entering Settlement. The costs of resolving these delays and process errors are borne by Suppliers, Supplier Agents and ultimately the consumer.

Ofgem’s CoS Project, a work stream within its ‘Promoting smarter energy markets’ work programme, has the objective of delivering a “fast and reliable and cost effective CoS process that will facilitate competition and build consumer confidence”. Ofgem has engaged with a range of stakeholders through its Change of Supplier Expert Group (CoSEG) and identified a number of reform options, in light of the advent of the Data Communications Company (DCC) and smart meter rollout. Such reforms include reducing the reliance of the CoS process on data transfers.

Ofgem has written an open letter to the Panel highlighting and welcoming a new Issue to look at these process reforms. Ofgem believes these reforms should be progressed now through existing change processes. Issue 53 has been raised to look at these reforms.


Issue 53 was raised by EDF Energy on 9 December 2014. Issue 53 meetings were held on 15 January 2014, 10 February 2014 and 24 February 214. The Issue 53 Report was tabled at the Panel meeting on 20 March 2014 where it was noted that a Modification was required to take forward the outcomes of the Issues. The Panel also noted that Issue 53 was closed.


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