Issue 69

Formal title: Performance Assurance Framework Review

The current Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) provides for a flexible, integrated approach to the deployment of techniques. ELEXON and the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) have become aware of opportunities to further enhance the application of the risk-based PAF envisaged in P207 ‘Introduction of a new governance regime to allow a risk based Performance Assurance Framework (PAF)’ to be utilised and reinforce the effectiveness of the current PAF’, to address the challenges of a changing industry. Subsequently, a review of the PAF was agreed as an element of the 2016/17 Panel Strategic Work Programme.

At its March 2017 meeting, the BSC Panel approved the scope and delivery approach of the PAF review (264/07) , which has been divided into the following four workstreams.

  • Smart Metering;
  • PAF Procedures;
  • Data Provision; and
  • Performance Assurance Techniques.

This issue group will explore the issues with PAF stakeholders, identify possible solutions and to specify requirements.


In order to be able to address the four workstreams, ELEXON proposed to hold approximately two Workgroups for each.

PAF Procedures workstream

For the PAF Procedures workstream, the first workgroup was held on Wednesday 17 January 2018. The attendees commented on the high level design of the PAF that ELEXON had developed. The members were in agreement with the design and it was subsequently approved by the PAB.

The second meeting was held on 10 April 2018. This time the workgroup focused on the Risk Evaluation Methodology (REM) and the Risk Evaluation Register (RER). The workgroup discussed topics such as; how risk areas are identified within their organisation, if they agreed with ELEXON’s proposed approach to evaluating and prioritising Settlement risks and finally, how ELEXON could achieve better engagement with PAF stakeholders. The workgroup also gave their endorsement toward a draft Modification Proposal (‘Amendments to Section Z to better facilitate the production of the Risk Evaluation Methodology, Risk Evaluation Register and Risk Operating Plan’) due to be raised and initially presented at the 14 June 2018 Panel.

The third meeting for this workstream took place on 12 June 2018. At this meeting the workgroup reviewed and commented on the proposed Risk Evaluation Register. The workgroup provided valuable feedback towards the Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) aspects of the risk register. However, it was identified that a separate meeting with Central Volume Allocation (CVA) experts to discuss the CVA aspects of the risk register was required. Subsequently, part 2 of the third meeting is due to take place on 25 July 2018.

The final meeting planned for mid-August will review the proposed PAF as a whole before presentation of the final report to the PAB in September 2018.

Smart Metering workstream

The first PAF Issue Group meetings related to the smart Metering work stream. This workstream focused on the immediate risks to Settlement presented by the mass roll-out of smart Meters. It investigated whether any targeted assurance work should be undertaken to assess and mitigate negative impacts on Settlement.

The first meeting, held on 25 April 2017 was run as an interactive workshop, with the objectives to create a smart Metering risk register and consider the lessons learned from SMETS1 and P272. The second meeting was held on 24 May 2017. This meeting focused on risk mitigation and PAF changes. The first interim Issue 69 report was then presented to the BSC Panel on 13 July 2017. The seven identified risks have been assigned to two “risk owners” ELEXON is considering whether any mitigating actions should be put in place.  The highest priority risk, around smart Meter Technical Details, has been the focus so far and we have developed monitoring and reporting of Supplier and MOA compliance – the report was first available as a prototype in November 2017 and launched as live in April 2018.

In respect of the other workstreams, ELEXON invited members for further Issue 69 Workgroup meetings and document reviews as they progress.

Next Events

For the PAF Procedures workstream, a third workgroup is planned for 12 June 2018. If you would like to register please email:


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