Issue 70

Formal title: Settlement of Secondary BM Units using metering at the asset

Current Status


Modification Proposal P344 ‘Project TERRE implementation into GB market arrangements’ seeks to align the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) with the European Balancing Project TERRE (Trans European Replacement Reserves Exchange) requirements. A final Ofgem decision is expected by 31 July 2018.

During the P344 Workgroup process, ‘Behind the Meter’ assets and energy flows were discussed with regard to two points:

  • The location of the meters used for Settlement i.e. at the Asset level or at the Boundary point, and associated difficulties Parties may experience in providing accurate Final Physical Notifications (FPNs); and
  • Ensuring payment for delivery corresponds to the service provided.

Issue 70 aims to look into whether data from Operational Metering can be used for Settlement purposes and if not, whether the customer will need to install additional metering at the asset for Settlement purposes. Further details can be found in the paper ‘Extending the P344 Solution to allow Settlement of Secondary BM Units using metering at the asset’ below.

A further Issue has been raised, Issue 71, which seeks to examine the possibility of Physical Notifications for a site being created via a baselining methodology.  These baselining and asset metering issues are complementary, as Parties may opt to apply baselining at a site dependent on the metering set up and where Settlement takes place i.e. at the Boundary or at the asset.

Due to the complementary nature of these two Issues, the Issue Groups will be held on the same day for progression efficiency.



The Issue Report has been presented to Panel on 11 October 2018. Panel noted Issue 70.

The first Issue group was held on 11 July  2018. The Issue Group defined the issue and addressed specific areas of consideration, coming up with a range of initial proposals for a subsequent Modification, if raised, to address. 



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