Issue 82

Formal title: Expand the BSC Panel’s ability to raise Modification Proposals

Current Status


Currently BSC Section F2.1.1 restricts the BSC Panel’s ability to raise Modification Proposals. Issue 82 seeks to expand the Panel’s ability to raise Modification Proposals. Elexon believes that expanding the Panel’s ability to raise Modification Proposals would:

  • Increase the effectiveness of the Panel, and thereby the BSC;
  • Reduce the burden on BSC Parties to be Proposers;
  • Promote improvements in the BSC’s self-governance arrangements; and
  • Help maintain consistency with the Panel’s objectives as set out in the BSC.

The BSC Panel discussed the idea at its meetings in August and September 2018 and asked Elexon to raise an Issue to see if participants support progressing it further.


Issue 82 was raised by Elexon on 19 June 2019. The Issue 82 Workgroup meeting was held on 20 August 2019.

The meeting documents can be found here Issue 82 Meeting

The WG recommended that no Modification be raised to expand the BSC Panel’s ability to raise Modifications. The WG however requested that Elexon’s legal team carry out analysis on the BSC Panel’s powers currently. Clarifying what the Panel can or can’t do. The Legal feedback has been included in the Final Issue report and shared with Issue 82 Workgroup members and the BSC Panel members.

BSC Panel update on Workgroup recommendation:

At its meeting on 10 October 2019, the BSC Panel noted that the conclusions of the Workgroup were broadly in line with the feeling the Panel has held for some considerable time. Where the Panel does not raise a Modification it can be raised by a BSC Party or a non-BSC Party through the designation process.

The Panel Members agreed with the Issue Group view that although the BSC Panel is less likely to raise Modifications with wide ranging impacts on BSC Parties, the Panel can respond to industry initiatives such as the Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement reform and to Elexon reviews commissioned by the Panel and its sub-Committees.




Next Events

The Issue 82 Final Report was presented at the October 2019 BSC Panel meeting.


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