Issue 85

Formal title: Removal of obligation to visit de-energised sites once every 12 months from BSCP504

Current Status


There is an obligation on NHHDCs to visit de-energised sites annually (note 99 from BSCP504). Originally the obligation only applied to sites where no remote communication was available. This was removed by CP1019 in 2005. The Obligation for regular site visits was removed from the Supplier Licence obligations in 2016 by the Authority as other obligations, such as Licence Condition 21b.4 would prompt the Supplier to use a risk based approach to ensure that sites are visited regularly enough to avoid health and safety issues. This leaves the NHHDC agents exposed; unless they are instructed by the Supplier to visit de-energised annually, they are in breach of BSCP504.


Issue 85 was raised by TMA on 27 August 2019. Elexon held the first Issue Group on 30 October 2019. The Issue group have decided to look further into Option A – removing the obligation on NHHDCs to visit de-energised sites, and Option C – Placing the obligation onto the Supplier. 

The second Issue 85 meeting was held on 10 December 2019. The Issue group decided they would like to place the obligation to visit de-energised sites once a year onto the Supplier. The Workgroup would also like to align the the non Half Hourly obligation with the Half Hourly obligation.

Next Events

The Issue 85 Final Report was tabled at the February 2020 BSC Panel Meeting. Issue 85 is now closed and a Change Proposal will be raised.


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