Issue 90

Formal title: Could Elexon (under BSCco) administrate a tendered Market Maker (tMM)?

Current Status


This issue group intends to review the case for Elexon, as BSCCo, administrating a tendered Market Maker (tMM) on behalf of the market and, if Elexon could tender, what sort of service market participants would want a tMM to provide.  It is also an opportunity to discuss if Elexon is not the right party to run a tender for, and administer, a MM, who else could be considered to undertake this role if required. 


Issue 90 was raised on 5 May 2020.

The first Issue group will be held on Monday 13 July 2020 and the objectives of the meeting are:

  • Confirm if Elexon (under BSCco) are the right party to administrate a tendered Market Maker
  • If Elexon is not the right party to run a tender for an MM, and then administer it, who may be best placed to undertake this role if required.
  • Define a service market participants would require from a tMM

The first Issue 90 Workgroup event can be found here.

The Issue group concluded that Elexon could run a tender, were well placed to manage third parties delivering such services, and while there would be a lot of details to work through, this was a plausible route to go down in future. Elexon advised that careful consideration of the Applicable BSC Objectives would be needed for any Proposed Modifications.

No members have yet come forward with suggested Modifications or Change Proposals (CPs) at this stage.  However, given Ofgem said that it was for them to decide if a tMM should be progressed, that may come later.

Next Events

The Issue Group is now closed.


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