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Training on Metering

Who Should Attend?

This course will interest customers who are new to the electricity market. It will also involve operational data analysis related to metering. We advise either in accordance or following this that the ‘Technical Assurance of Metering’ training is attended.

Course Overview

This course will cover

  • Commissioning and Proving a Metering System
  • Group Correction Factor (GVC)
  • Data Collection and Validation
  • How Electricity is Measured, Generated, Transmitted and Distributed
  • How Meters Measure Electricity and the Difference Between Half Hourly and Non-Half Hourly Meters
  • The Governance of Metering
  • The Metering Code of Practice (CoP)
  • The Electricity Act and the Measuring Instruments Directive

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, delegates will understand:

  • The Measurement of Electricity and the Commissioning and Proving of Metering
  • Basic Principles of Understanding Generation and Supply
  • Metering Code and its Relevance to the BSC
  • Understanding the Rules Around Data Collection and Validation


Date: On Demand

Location: ELEXON or customers’ offices

Cost: This course is free of charge to BSC Parties and BSC Party Agents. ELEXON may charge other organisations for training services.

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