Training on Supplier Volume Allocation

Who Should Attend?

This course will be of interest to those new to the electricity industry and those who want an overview of the electricity settlement process. Attendees need little prior knowledge of the SVA arrangements but a basic understanding of the roles of Suppliers and their Agents is assumed. We can combine this course with the short ‘Overview of Profiling Arrangements’ course as the two are inter-related. More detailed version of SVA and Profiling can be constructed for more experienced Attendees.

Course Overview

This course will cover

  • The basics of Imbalance Settlement
  • Half-Hourly and Non Half-Hourly Metering
  • The basics of Profiling
  • EACs and AAs
  • The Supplier Hub
  • Industry Communications
  • Basic Guide to Un-metered Supplies
  • Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group Correction
  • Supplier Deemed Take
  • Settlement Timescales
  • The Meter to Bank Process

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, delegates will understand:

  • Imbalance Settlement for Supplier
  • Market Volumes of Customers and Energy
  • The role of Suppliers, their Agents and Elexon
  • How Profile Data is Created and used in Settlement
  • Settlement Timescales
  • How Supplier Volumes are Calculated and Allocated
  • What Grid Supply Point Group Correction is and how it’s determined.


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