Training on the Performance Assurance Framework

Who Should Attend?

This course will be of interest to customers operating in the Supplier Volume Allocation side of settlement who want to understand the risk management and assurance provided under the BSC. It is particularly relevant for customers responsible for managing compliance with the BSC and supporting individual Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) techniques. Attendees need some knowledge of settlement and basic understanding of the roles of Suppliers and Supplier Agents is assumed. We can combine this course with others focusing on individual PAF techniques, such as ‘The BSC Audit’ and ‘PARMS and Peer Comparison’.

Course Overview

This course will cover

  • Background and objectives of the risk based PAF (Modification P207)
  • Governance provisions which enable the delivery of a risk based PAF
  • Methods used by the Performance Assurance Board to identify and evaluate Settlement Risks
  • Performance Assurance Techniques which can be deployed to manage Settlement Risks
  • Monitoring and management of Settlement Risks

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, delegates will understand:

  • What constitutes a Settlement Risk
  • The roles of ELEXON, the Performance Assurance Board and the BSC Panel
  • The core documentation including the Annual Performance Assurance Timetable, Risk Evaluation Methodology, Risk Evaluation Register and Risk Operating Plan
  • How the PAB identifies and evaluates Settlement Risks
  • How the PAB determines which Performance Assurance Techniques will be used to manage Settlement Risks
  • How our customers can contribute to the ongoing design of the PAF.


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