ELEXON responses to Industry consultations

ELEXON monitors and responds to industry-wide consultations that may have an impact on the provisions in the BSC, on ELEXON, or – through ELEXON – on our customers.

Some consultations also require a response from the BSC Panel.

Please let us know if you there are any industry based consultations which you feel warrant a response from us.

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ELEXON’s response to Ofgem consultation ESO regulatory and incentives framework


Ofgem proposes that the evaluation moves from a ‘per Principle’ evaluation in 2018/19 to a ‘per Role’ evaluation for the 2019/2020 evaluation.

ELEXON believe that this move will give more flexibility to the ESO to allocate its resources and expenditure to areas where improvements will be most valuable to consumers.

However, it will also give more flexibility to the ESO to allocate its resources where it is most cost-beneficial to ESO itself, i.e. to the easier or least costly to meet targets within each role.

For that reason we continue to support both ensuring that the overall incentive is addressed to maximise end consumer benefits and that there is transparency in the detail of ESO expenditure as was proposed by Ofgem in its earlier call for input on the 2019-20 ESO regulatory and incentives framework.

ELEXON’s response to the Energy Network Association’s consultation on Phase 3 of the Open Networks Work Programme


ELEXON’s response highlights the areas of the Open Network Project likely to impact on settlement and sets out the areas of work ELEXON should be involved in to maintain consistency between national and local arrangements.

ELEXON’s response to National Grid ESO’s C16 Annual Review


ELEXON’s response suggests a number of corrections and clarifications, in particular on the treatment of replacement reserve products and the requirements of generators to provide System Ancillary Services.

ELEXON’s response to BEIS’s policy paper on heat networks


ELEXON’s response supports the use of heat networks to decarbonise heat in GB and overviews a number of governance and assurance activities that can de-risk the delivery of heat via networks.


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