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The Communications Requirements Document contains detailed requirements for sending or receiving Communications between Parties and BSC Agents. The Reporting Catalogue covers both SVA and CVA reporting, and sets out the data items to be contained in each of the reports mentioned in BSC Section V. See Changes Awaiting Implementation for the latest conformed versions of Category 1 Business Definition Documents awaiting implementation

This page lists links to the PDF versions of the Business Definition Documents associated to the Balancing and Settlement Code. However, if you would prefer to access web page versions of this content, you can find these on the Digital Code site.

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BMRS Data Catalogue

The purpose of this Data Catalogue is to set out the functional reporting requirements for the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS).

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Communication Requirements Document

This document covers the communications between BSC Parties, their Agents and the BSC Agents where the communications interfaces are defined in the Data File Catalogue.

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CVA Data Catalogue

The CVA Data Catalogue contains information relating to all the communication interfaces between CVA BSC Agents or the NETSO and BSC Parties and Party Agents. This specifies, where appropriate, references to relevant sections of the NETA IDD Part 1 document which contains information on data items and file formats, the participants involved in exchange of each file, and references to the owner of each file and its associated network.

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CVA Data Catalogue Annex A

Annex A gives an index of the BSC data files covered by the Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Data Catalogue, including file references, sender/recipient details to where they’re defined further. This Annex includes Data File Specification, Data File Index.

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CVA Data Catalogue Annex B

Annex B provides an index of the BSC data items covered by the Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Data Catalogue, including the item references to where they’re defined further. Annex B also includes Data Dictionary Data Item Index by Item Reference.

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CVA Data Catalogue Annex C

Annex C defines the structure and content of Electronic Dispatch Logging (EDL). EDL is the mechanism through which the NETSO (National Electricity Transmission System Operator) sends balancing services and ancillary services instructions to BSC Parties, and through which BSC Parties also declare availability and dynamic parameters to the NETSO.

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HH Instruction Processing Specification

This specification provides a detailed explanation of HHDA instruction processing. Associated with the specification are: Metering System identifiers are associated with a Distribution Business such that  it appears to the system that Metering Systems can never change Distribution Businesses; the appointment of PRS Agents is to a Distribution Business and not to a GSP Group; the subject of a refresh of data from a PRS Agent is a Distribution Business; and that instruction file sequence numbers are unique and sequential between source and target.

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Multiple BM Unit Instruction Processing Specification

This describes the requirements for validation and processing of Notification of BM Unit Allocation (D0297) data flows sent from Suppliers to HHDA, and is structured as follows:

  • Section 2 describes the requirements for validation by HHDA of the D0297 data flows and the instructions they contain;
  • Section 3 describes the requirements for processing by HHDA of validated instructions;
  • Section 4 identifies the implications of the rules described in sections 2 and 3 for Suppliers collating instructions, and provides a hypothetical example of a complex instruction processing scenario; and
  • Appendix A describes the formats of the data flows required as a result of this document.
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NHH Instruction Processing Specification

This specification provides a detailed explanation of NHH instruction processing. It is a technical document which is aimed at developers. It outlines certain critical validation that is directly relevant to instruction processing. It does not specify all required validation. This is contained in the NHHDA User Requirements Specification.

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Reporting Catalogue

This lists the data items appearing in BSC Agents’ reports listed in Annex V-1 of the Code or where appropriate,. It provides references to the relevant sections of the NETA and FAA Interface Definition Documents (“the IDD documents”) which hold further detail on the content of the reports. It does not cover all of the reports issued by a BSC Agent. The CVA Data Catalogue and the SVA Data Catalogue cover all BSC Agent reports. The meaning of the data items is not described or defined nor does the document describe the structure or form of any output files that would contain the data items. Also see the BMRS Data Catalogue.

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