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This page sets out a number of key starting pages and policy statements that relate to how people can use the website.


Privacy policy

This page sets out the policy that Elexon has put in place to protect any information you may send to us through the website or the additional sites we manage.

Cookie Policy

This page sets out Elexon’s policy regarding use of cookies, as well as information about the specific cookies we use on the website and how to manage your cookie preferences.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the information and material on this website is provided for information purposes only. Elexon Limited is the owner of all copyright and other intellectual property rights in this website and its contents (including text and images) or such materials or otherwise appear with the consent of the copyright owner.

Archive policy

This page outlines the archive policy which Elexon has introduced to manage the increasing amount of content on its website. It is not a policy whereby content is deleted.

However, some content may be removed if its agreed lifecycle suggests that it holds little direct value remaining on the website. This content will then just remain within the Elexon internal repository.

A-Z and site-map

A-Z index

We aim to create a logical site structure that will allow you to navigate through our content successfully. However, if you are unsure where a web page may be, the A-Z index is a good starting off point.


This is an outline structure, or site-map, of the BSC website and will enable customers to understand the general information architecture of the site. However, it does not go down to the lower, detailed levels of the website but does present the higher navigation paths that can be used to access the detailed pages

BSC explained


There are many acronyms and abbreviations that exist both on the Elexon website and throughout the electricity industry. We have attempted to list all the significant terms to help guide you through to the content you need and enhance you knowledge of the subject area.


We have a set of FAQ style pages that you may get some brief explanation of key subject areas. However, the best approach would be to visit the dedicated subject pages across the BSC website to locate the information you may be looking for.

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