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Types of newsletters and circulars


Newscast is our newsletter, which features key information that will keep you in touch with the industry and BSC activities on a weekly basis.

Circulars and BSC Bulletins

Elexon Circulars are issued during business hours to communicate key information about the BSC or operational activities. BSC Bulletins are issued outside of business hours to communicate operational issues.

BSC Change updates

Notifications are sent to industry to provide information on BSC Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues. This includes information on new Changes being raised, consultations being issued and decisions being made.

Market Domain Data Circulars

Market Domain Data (MDD) Circulars are sent to Market Participants to ask them to impact assess each Change Request raised for a particular Version, notify them of the actual changes to MDD for a particular Version or outline the MDD Release Schedule for when each Version will be Published and the Go-Live dates.

Release Circulars

We group changes to the BSC and subsidiary documents together so that they are implemented on the same day (known as Releases). This improves co-ordination and helps the industry to plan ahead. We issue Release Circulars to provide important information and to request document reviews that are impacted by upcoming Releases.

The Clock (MHHS Programme)

The Clock newsletter provides participants with updates and key information to support delivery of the Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme. The Clock will signpost you to events, plans, reports and documents on the MHHS website to assist in planning, design, development, testing and delivery.

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You can register for MDD Circulars by emailing the MDD Co-ordinator ([email protected]).

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