Key contacts


Elexon manages a 24 hour support facility for our customers. However, there are other contact details listed on this page if they appear to be more suitable for your enquiry.

Service status

The information presented on the Service Status Dashboard relates to the operational status of the different BSC Central Systems that are accessible to BSC Customers. The status detail for each service is constantly reviewed and will be updated if any service encounters an issue that needs to be reported.

BSC enquiries

Elexon Support is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and handles queries about BSC systems and the services we provide.

Elexon Support service covers areas such as:

  • BMRA (its ability to access and publish data)
  • Data requests and errors
  • ECVAA (its ability to receive and process contract notification and perform credit check)
  • FAA Service output
  • Settlement Timetable
  • Settlement Data accuracy
  • Code documents
  • BSC communications such as Newscast, Circulars, BSC websites and Elexon social media channels

If you encounter any issues once you have raised a case through the Elexon Support service, please contact the Elexon Service Desk on +44 3700 106950.


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