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This page lists all the Category 3 BSC Configurable Items under the BSC. These documents generally hold helpful additional information to support market participant and industry processes, which are outlined in other BSC Configurable Items such as Balancing and Settlement Code Procedures (BSCPs) and the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) itself. Category 3 BSC Configurable Items do not follow the defined BSC Change Process, rather they have their own bespoke embedded amendment process within.

This page lists links to the PDF versions of the Category 3 documents. However, if you would prefer to access web page versions of this content, you can find these on the Digital Code site.

Code Subsidiary Documents Architectural Principles

This document sets out the principles that underpin the architecture of the Code Subsidiary Document (CSD) set.

Demand Capacity Generation Capacity Review Determination

This document sets out the principles and processes for reviewing and determining the Demand Capacity (DC) and Generation Capacity (GC) Limit values, in line with the solution implemented through BSC Modification P357: Removal of GC/DC tolerance parameters from BSC Section K


Demand Disconnection Event Threshold Rules

This document sets out the process that should be followed after a Demand Control Event (DCE) to determine the cost and value of following the Demand Disconnection Event (DDE) Obligations.


Limit SVA Connection for SMRS Registered Primary BM Units Where Plant and/or Apparatus is Registered in another (CVA) Primary BM Unit

BSC Section K ‘Classification and Registration of Metering Systems and BM Units’ states that Plant and/or Apparatus in a Primary Balancing Mechanism (BM) Unit, whose Exports and/or Imports are measured by a CVA Metering System, may also be in another Primary BM Unit registered in the SMRS. A different BSC Party from the BSC Party registering the CVA Metering System may register the SMRS Metering System.


Loss of Load Probability Calculation Statement

 This Statement sets the method for calculating LoLP values pursuant to the Static LoLP Function Method (‘the Static Method’) and the Dynamic LoLP Function Method (‘the Dynamic Method’) and the method for calculating a Static LoLP Function.


Market Index Definition Statement for Market Index Data Provider(s)

The Market Index Definition Statement that is approved by the Authority containing details for each Market Index Data Provider. 


Process for Requesting BSC Data

This document details the process for how Elexon will triage, categorise and mitigate data requests.


Replacement Reserve Schedule Methodology

This document is the Replacement Reserve (RR) Schedule Methodology Document. Section T of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) requires the BSC Panel to establish this document (and subsequently have it in force at all times), for the purpose of settling Replacement Reserve (RR) delivered by Balancing Service Providers (BSPs) in Great Britain (GB).

Self Assessment Documents – Qualification Process for SVA Parties, SVA Party Agents and CVA MOAs

The Self Assessment Document (SAD) embodies the requirements for both Qualification and re-Qualification. 


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