Demand Capacity Generation Capacity Review Determination


This document sets out the principles and processes for reviewing and determining the Demand Capacity (DC) and Generation Capacity (GC) Limit values, in line with the solution implemented through BSC Modification P357: Removal of GC/DC tolerance parameters from BSC Section K.

During each BSC Season, Elexon will provide the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG) with analysis of DC/GC data from the preceding BSC Season. This will be used for the monitoring against five KPIs, which will help the ISG to determine whether the current DC/DC Limits are fit for purpose. If the ISG decide to amend the DC/GC Limit values, BSC Parties will first be consulted on the new proposed values. Any changes to the DC/GC Limit values will typically take effect from the beginning of the next BSC Season.

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