Section C: Elexon and its Subsidiaries

Section C covers the constitution of Elexon and the obligations of the shareholder of Elexon; the powers, functions and responsibilities of Elexon; the management of Elexon; the relationship between Elexon and Parties; the Business Strategy and Annual Budget for Elexon; and Subsidiaries of Elexon.

Content list

  • Role and powers, functions and responsibilities of BSCCo
  • Constitution of Elexon and Obligations of National Grid as Elexon Shareholder
  • Powers and Functions of Elexon
  • Relationship between Parties and Elexon
  • Provision of the Profile Administration Service by Elexon
  • Permissible Activities Undertaken by Permitted Affiliates
  • Provision of Support to EMR Settlement Services Providers


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