Section T: Settlement and Trading Charges

Section T sets out how Trading Charges for each Trading Party and the NETSO are determined; the data required in order to calculate the Trading Charges; and the processes undertaken by the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) in connection with the determination of the Trading Charges.

Content list

  • Obligation and Entitlement of Parties
  • Data Requirements
  • Provision of Market Index Data
  • Loss of Load Probability Calculation Statement
  • Single Imbalance Price
  • Delivering and Offtaking Trading Units
  • Transmission Loss Factors
  • Determination of Transmission Loss Multipliers
  • Conversion of Data Received from the NETSO
  • Continuous Acceptance Duration
  • Price Average Reference
  • Establishment of Final Physical Notification (FPN)
  • Establishment of Bid-Offer Upper Range and Bid-Offer Lower
  • Determination of Period BM Unit Offer Cashflow and Period BM Unit Bid Cashflow
  • Determination of Period BM Unit Cashflow
  • Determination of Total System BM Cashflow and Daily Party BM Unit
  • Determination of Reserve Scarcity Price
  • Determination of System and Balancing Demand Control Volumes
  • Determination of Residual Cashflow Allocations
  • Submission of Settlement Data
  • Annex T-1: Final Ranked Set of System Actions


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