Section S: Supplier Volume Allocation

Section S and its associated Annexes set out the rules by which Supplier BM Unit Metered Volumes are determined from a combination of Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly Metering Systems. It describes the obligations on Suppliers to provide data and to ensure that Supplier Agents (i.e. certain Party Agents - principally Meter Operator Agents (MOAs), Half Hourly Data Collectors (HHDCs), Half Hourly Data Aggregators (HHDAs), Non Half Hourly Data Collectors (NHHDCs) and Non Half Hourly Data Aggregators (NHHDAs)) undertake the requirements defined for them.

Content list

  • Responsibilities of Suppliers and Supplier Agents
  • Supplier Obligations
  • Long Term Vacant Sites
  • Provision of Data to a CM Settlement Services Provider
  • Performance
  • Functions of Agents in relation to Supplier Volume Allocation
  • Supplier BM Units
  • Supplier Volume Allocation Rules
  • Unmetered Supplies
  • Demand Disconnection Events
  • Duties of the LDSO and NETSO


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