Profiling and Settlement Review Group (PSRG)

ELEXON is reviewing the BSC profiling and settlement arrangements in light of the recent advances in metering and the rollout of smart meters developments. The Profiling and Settlement Review Group (PSRG) was established in March 2010 by the Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG) to assist in this review. The current focus (Stage 2) of the review is how to maintain accuracy, equitability and efficiency of the profiling and settlement processes. Work has included areas such as improving the existing profiling approach, mandating half hourly settlement, reducing the settlement timtable, the impact of Feed In Tariffs on settlement accuracy and how GSP Group Correction Factor could be applied to half hourly meters. The main focus has been on proposals on mandating half hourly (HH) settlement for certain types of customer. In 2010 the group looked at proposals from ELEXON to mandate HH settlement for customers in Profile Classes 5-8 (medium to large commercial customers) and Profile Classes 1-4 (doemstic and smaller commerical customers). This resulted in a number of consultations, 2 cost benefit analysis reports and Modifications P272 and P280. The PSRG is made up of experts from all fields, Suppliers, Distribution Businesses, agents and includes representatives from Consumer focus and Ofgem. The PSRG meet on an ad hoc basis driven by the work of the profiling and settlement review. For more information, please contact BSC.Admin@elexon or telephone 020 7380 4217.   Profiling and Settlement Review Group : Consultation on Dynamic Switching Issue Date: 11 April 2012 Response Date: 11 May 2012 Summary We are seeking views on what changes to BSC arrangements are likely to be needed to accommodate dynamic switching once smart meters with load switching capabilities have been rolled out and the current Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS) infrastructure is no longer available. The consultation also seeks to establish what load/meters are currently being switched dynamically, by whom and for what purposes.

Profiling and Settlement Review Group (PSRG) - Historical Meetings