CVA Qualification


Find out how to prepare for Central Volume Allocation (CVA) testing and what you need to do in order to qualify.

How it relates to you

All BSC Parties and Party Agents must complete CVA Qualification testing as part of the Market Entry process.

Why is it important?

All BSC Parties and Party Agents must demonstrate the required ability to communicate with BSC Central Systems. Parties and Agents must also comply with the requirements in Section O of the BSC by completing CVA Qualification Testing.

How to Qualify

CVA Qualification tests the compatibility with BSC Central Systems. It also confirms that the new entrant is capable of communicating and successfully interpreting the files sent to and from BSC Central Systems.

Your system will need to be able to recognise the flows received from Central Systems and be able to send back the appropriate Acknowledgements (ACKs) or Negative Acknowledgements (NACK) response file. The Interface Definition Documents (IDD) will be the best guides to help you configure your systems in order to accept and interpret the required flows.

All responses must be automated by the system, no manual sending of ACKs/NACKs is permitted.


Preparing for testing

You will need to refer to the CVA Qualification Checklist within BSCP70 to ensure you are prepared for testing.

You will also need to show you have the necessary validation software and business systems in place before arranging a test date. The checklist includes:

  • Local infrastructure – relevant connections or communication lines
  • File Transfer Protocal (FTP) Software – testing required
  • XSec Encryption Security Software
  • Business Process Software
  • Test preparation – prepare test scripts and plans as required

More information on testing

Booking your test

Once you’re ready to carry out testing please complete the relevant booking forms in BSCP70. Submit the completed forms to the Market Entry team along with a date you would like the testing to take place.

Generally, a 10 day period is needed between booking a test slot and the actual test date to allow test data to be prepared, a tester allocated and administrative details confirmed.

Unsuccessful test

If you are unsuccessful, we will liaise with you directly to arrange another test date. We will give you enough time to make any changes relevant to your systems in order to produce a successful test.

Opt outs

You are able to opt out of testing for some or all of the required data flows and will need to specify this within the BSCP70 form, choosing to opt out of testing is done at the Party’s own risk.

Energy Contract Volume Notification Agent (ECNVA) and Metered Volume Reallocation Notification Agent (MVRNA) can’t opt out of testing.

Waiver testing

You can waiver testing if you can reach an agreement with an existing BSC party to use their already Qualified system. You can only apply for the waiver if the Supporting Participant you intend to use is Qualified in the same role as the Qualifying participant, as stated in BSCP70.

We would require a signed letter from the system owner and then you would be able to waiver testing on basis that the system was already tested when they went through Market Entry.


All CVA testing for a new BSC participant role is free of charge. 


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