Biographies of Directors

The Executive Team is responsible for ELEXON’s day-to-day management. The team works with our Board, Panel and staff to ensure the successful delivery and evolution of the BSC.

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Bygraves is the Chief Executive of ELEXON, the administrator of the electricity wholesale balancing and settlement arrangements for Great Britain and of the EMR CFD and Capacity Market payment arrangements. In November 2016, Mark was appointed as a member of the ELEXON Board.

Director of BSC Operations

Nigel Perdue was appointed to the role of Director of BSC Operations in December 2017. Nigel has over 30 years’ industry experience with organisations including E.ON, IMServ, EDF Energy and National Grid.

Director of Design and Delivery

Peter Stanley heads up our Design and Delivery department, bringing with him over 28 years’ experience of the Energy Supply Industry in engineering, energy settlement, and corporate strategy.  He has over 15 years of information services strategy and delivery roles.

Chief Financial Officer

Nigel Smith is Chief Financial Officer, leading the Professional Services department. Nigel is a qualified accountant of over 25 years, and prior to joining ELEXON held a number of senior finance roles across a broad range of sectors.

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