Elexon Executive Team

Elexon’s Executive Team are responsible for the company’s day-to-day management. They work with the Board, the BSC Panel and our staff to ensure the successful delivery and development of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).

What Elexon manages

Elexon manages a number of different services including the BSC, the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Settlement Services, and the Capacity Market Advisory Group (CMAG).

The Executive Team

View Peter Stanley

Peter StanleyRead More

CEO at Elexon
[email protected]

Peter was appointed to the Board as Chief Executive Officer on 1 October 2023. 


View Geraldine Buckland

Geraldine BucklandRead More

Chief People Officer at Elexon
[email protected]

 I joined the company in April 2020 as Chief People Officer and I am responsible for delivering Elexon’s People Strategy.

View Steve Page

Steve PageRead More

Chief Financial Officer at Elexon
[email protected]

I am the Chief Financial Officer for Elexon.

View Victoria Moxham

Victoria MoxhamRead More

Director of Customer & Code Management at Elexon
[email protected]

I am Director of Customer & Code Management at Elexon. I oversee the work of the department which is responsible for Elexon’s customer focussed business activities and includes Metering, Change processes, Customer Operations, and Disputes and Compliance.

View Jessica McGoverne

Jessica McGoverneRead More

Director of Corporate Affairs at Elexon
[email protected]

I joined Elexon in April 2023 and as a member of the Executive team, lead the communications, policy and market intelligence strategy for Elexon.

View Helen Adey

Helen AdeyRead More

Director of Settlement Services and Strategic Programmes at Elexon
[email protected]

I joined Elexon in November 2022 and my role on the Executive Team is to receive, manage and deliver strategic programmes.

View Saso Bruzzese

Saso BruzzeseRead More

Chief Technology Officer at Elexon
[email protected]

I joined Elexon in May 2023 and am responsible for leading and overseeing the development, implementation, and management of Elexon’s technology strategy to support the objectives of the organisation.

General Counsel and Company Secretary

View Nick Brown

Nick BrownRead More

Company Secretary and Legal Advisor at Elexon
020 7380 4031
[email protected]

As Company Secretary, I am responsible for advising the chairperson on legal and corporate governance compliance, Board and Board Committee matters and Companies House returns.


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