Interconnector Administrator and Error Administrator roles within the electricity market


Each physical Interconnector has an Interconnector Administrator and an Interconnector Error Administrator, both of which are also BSC Parties.

What are interconnectors?

An interconnector enables energy to flow between networks. This page explains which interconnectors exist between the British mainland and other regions or countries. This includes connections to Northern Ireland, France, Holland and the Republic of Ireland.

What are the Administrator and Error Administrator roles?

The Interconnector Administrator is responsible for determining and submitting BM Unit Metered Volumes into Settlement after the end of each Settlement Period. This is a deemed Metered Volume representing the transfer of active energy across the Interconnector and will be based on the nominations made by the Interconnector User to the Interconnector operator.

The Metered Volume may not necessarily match the nominated volume and can be changed to accommodate operational issues such as failure or reduction in capacity of the Interconnector, or an event provided for by the Interconnection Agreement relating to the External System.

For each Settlement Period, the deemed Metered Volumes submitted into Settlement by the Interconnector Administrator for each Interconnector User are aggregated to give a total volume. This is then compared to the actual Metered Volume (as metered at the point the Interconnector is connected to the GB Total System) and any difference is allocated to the Interconnector Error Administrator.

The Interconnector Error Administrator is allocated any difference in Metered Volume between the physical flow on the Interconnector and the aggregate position of all Interconnector Users BM Unit deemed volumes as notified by the Interconnector Administrator.

Process for entering the market

You will need to go through various steps in order to register as an Interconnector User. We have a dedicated web page and diagram that outlines all the tasks required.

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