Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme aims to remodel and update the BSC central systems so that they can deliver a flexible, scalable and open digital platform for our settlement and balancing services. 

How it relates to you

The Foundation Programme will enable us to reduce the time and cost for industry and our Parties by simplifying the change process. 

This is a multi-year programme and will be delivered in phases as Releases, with a flexible roadmap to meet industry priorities.

Benefits to existing and new market participants

  1. improved customer experience
  2. faster digital registration
  3. unified customer portal
  4. real-time analytics and insight
  5. easy integration with other data sources through APIs

Benefits to central services utilised by all market participants

  1. data available for analysis (open data principle)
  2. scalable and flexible solution for future changes
  3. faster, automated processes
  4. secure by design
  5. support industry innovation using emerging technologies

Release 1: Digitising market entry and registrations

Release 1 started in May 2018

We will digitise two of the BSC Systems using the new platform to replace the current processes which are heavily paper-based.

An online service will provide digital forms with self-service access to your market entry and registrations data. There will be a guided process through the various routes which you can take when registering different market roles.

Developments include:

  • Establishing a new online participant management solution for new BSC registrants and parties registering Balancing Mechanism Units
  • Building a new data and calculations platform that will replace the existing Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) system and also support the system changes required for TERRE (Modification P344) – to be delivered in November 2019

Purpose behind the programme

ELEXON recognises that the energy industry is going through a period of transformation and disruptive change, probably the biggest change since mass adoption of electricity and gas.

Decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation are reshaping the whole energy market from wholesale to retail, changing industry roles and how the systems operate. This change will also bring new and different entrants and may have reached a tipping point for economic expectations and outcome-focussed regulations.

ELEXON actively supports innovation in the electricity market that enables openness and transparency. By creating a data platform that is open and accessible we can collaborate to bring about consolidation of market data.

The programme, which is part of our corporate strategy, will help us continue to respond to industry needs as the administrator and operator of the BSC. We aim to adapt our services and technology platforms to meet the future needs of our customers and continue to support innovation in the industry.


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