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Following the implementation of BSC Modification P398 ‘Increasing Access to BSC Data’, Elexon is now accepting requests to publish BSC data. Following a data request, Elexon will assess, triage and classify requested data sets. If approved by the BMRS Change Board (BCB), the data will be published on the Elexon website, Elexon Portal and BMRS website.

If an Open Data Request is published, the data will receive one of four classifications, Open, Public, Shared and Closed.

It may take some time to complete the process and the time to complete the process will vary between requests. The time to complete each stage will depend on how easy it is to locate the requested data, complexity of mitigating sensitive datasets and the size of the request backlog.

Due to the high number of Open Data Requests received at the beginning of the deployment of this service, requesters may experience longer processing times. Elexon is prioritising the requests based on the benefit to industry and the demand from BSC Data consumers. Thank you for your patience whilst we work through the backlog detailed in the Open Data Request Log below and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please do reach out to us directly if you have any questions concerning your open data requests.

Data Request log

Below you will find a log of all data requests and their progress. You can search for requested datasets, track their progress and view their publish location. If you wish to enquire about a request please contact us and quote the request ID.

If your request is not captured in the request log, please submit a request form below. Once your request has been submitted, an analyst will contact you to acknowledge your request. The request will be processed in accordance with the Process for Requesting BSC Data  Code Subsidiary Document.

Request Form




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