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The CACoP Forum enables energy Code Administrators to collaborate, share best practice and make navigation of energy Codes easier for all industry participants.

The Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) Forum is a place for the energy Code Administrators to collaborate, share best practice and make navigation of energy Codes easier for all industry participants.

The Forum originally arose as a means to facilitate the identification and co-ordination of cross-Code impacts arising from modifications and change proposals, whether through developing multi-Code solutions holistically or ensuring consequential changes to other Codes are identified and progressed.

CACoP engagement events

Retail Code Consolidation Engagement Webinar

CACoP hosted a Cross-Code Engagement webinar on 19 November 2020.

The objective of the webinar was to set out the high-level changes expected to result from the implementation of the new Retail Energy Code (REC) and related work.

A recording of the event is available on the MRA Website.

Stakeholder engagement event

Elexon hosted a engagement event on 16 July 2019 about CACoP for energy industry stakeholders. The event was designed to explain the benefit of key tools that CACoP provides (the Horizon Scan and Central Modification register). 

It was also an opportunity for stakeholders to hear about what CACoP has delivered so far, and help to shape future work.

The event also included a presentation by Ofgem on the review of the energy codes landscape.  

CACoP Newsletter

Latest newsletter

Highlights from April’s newsletter include:

  • Progress with the development of a central CACoP website
  • News and developments across the different Codes
  • A closer look at how we are achieving CACoP Principle 7
  • CACoP Newsletter for July 2021

Previous newsletters

Horizon scan

The Code Administrators maintain a horizon scan of all potential impacts on the Electricity and Gas Industries. To the best of our knowledge, content is true at the time of completion and is for indicative planning purposes only.

Central Modification Register

Reporting Metrics

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct aims to provide some rules of engagement and behaviour in Workgroups, helping to create a level playing field and respectful environment to enable Workgroup members to voice their opinions and work collaboratively together to achieve their set tasks.

About the code

The Code Administration Code of Practice sets out principles for the administrators of  the industry codes that underpin the electricity and gas wholesale and retail markets. 

It is designed to facilitate convergence and transparency in code modification processes and help protect the interests of small market participants and consumers.

Improving co-ordination between code administrators is important especially as significant changes are being made to code rules to help the development of the smarter electricity system.


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