Elexon Kinnect platform


Elexon Kinnect is a digital customer-centric platform delivering a smart and flexible central solution for the industry, which will be delivered through a number of releases over the next few years. 

How it relates to you

Elexon Kinnect enables BSC Parties to carry out tasks and manage accounts online. It does this via the following services:

  • Customer Solution –  a self-service gateway which provides for market entry & exit, asset registration and account management
  • Insights Solution – providing operational data relating to the GB Electricity Balancing and Settlement arrangements
  • Settlement Solution – an improved platform allowing for scalable, flexible and modular settlement operations.

Benefits of Kinnect

By having a strong, scalable digital platform we will support industry innovation, allow faster delivery of change, reduce the need for manual processes, which will ultimately mean we can support the industry in the future as we move at pace to achieve the demands for Net Zero.

Ultimately, deploying Kinnect will result in a much better customer experience and better value for money on BSC services, for all of our customers and stakeholders.

Each of the core elements of Kinnect will bring benefits to market participants, summarised below.

Customer Solution: benefits

Kinnect Customer Solution icon

  • Simpler and quicker online process for entering the market replacing manual form filling
  • Companies active in the market can manage their Settlement account far more easily online, including registering assets, or registering for new roles
  • Processes that used to take days now take minutes


Insights Solution: benefits

Kinnect Insight Solution icon

  • Using cloud-based technology to develop a more comprehensive data and insights service to replace the BMRS
  • Based on open-data principles and accessible to everyone
  • We can respond more quickly to customers’ data needs and allow them to ‘self-serve’ data requests

Settlement Solution: benefits

Kinnect Settlement Solution icon

  • Cloud-based technology allows for rapid expansion of our services when needed
  • By using modular technology we can respond more quickly to deliver regulatory changes and the services our customers want
  • Scalable Settlement calculation systems will future proof the arrangements and help us support our customers to meet Net Zero
  • Quicker and better support for innovators, as Kinnect allows for multiple, concurrent ‘Sandbox’ trials

More detail about the Kinnect digital platform

The following documents and videos provide further information on the platform. We have dedicated web pages providing more detail and latest updates for the Customer Solution, Insights Solution and Settlement Solution.

Our cloud native digital platform explained

Browse the interactive document below or download as a PDF.



Video explaining the flexible, scalable and modular platform

This short animation shows how our new flexible and scalable platform can expand on demand to enable faster change.

Video Published: December 2021
Video Length: 1 min, 48 secs


Video showing how the modular design allows for agile change

This short animation shows how the modular design of our new cloud based digital platform allows for quicker system and BSC rule changes.

Video Published: December 2021
Video Length: 1 min, 1 sec



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