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ELEXON publishes and sends out Circulars when key information about the BSC or operational activities needs to be communicated to our customers. You can subscribe to the Circulars from the header area of this website.

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EL02962 : Default of BSC – Brilliant Energy Supply Limited and Party ID: NICKEL

This document sets out the resolutions made by the BSC Panel in relation to Brilliant Energy Supply Limited (company number 09263540, BSC Party ID ‘NICKEL’) (“the Defaulting Party”) under Section H3.2.1 of the Balancing and Settlement Code (“BSC”).  Provision of a copy of this document to a BSC Party shall constitute notification to that BSC Party of the decisions of the Panel, and shall also constitute notification to that BSC Party of the Default pursuant to BSC H3.2.1(a).


EL02961: Incident affecting TIBCO Subscribers

Since yesterday, some subscribers of the TIBCO service have been experiencing issues receiving data via their High Grade service. Currently we believe there is a conflict between ELEXON’s and participants’ configuration at the server level. Until the incident is resolved, the impacted users will not receive the TIBCO data.



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