Customer feedback on Elexon’s management of the BSC


This page explains how Elexon provides an ‘end-to-end’ management service for the BSC and for our customers and highlights how we have performed during the past year based on feedback from our 2020 customer survey.

Serving our customers

Elexon services over 534 market participants across a range of roles within the electricity industry.Customer survey 2020 showing number and variety of Parties

Customer satisfaction

Our 2020 survey of customer views showed that:

  • 70% of respondents would speak highly of Elexon with 88% saying our service had improved or stayed the same
  • 94% of respondents said that our Operational Support Managers are either meeting their expectations or exceeding them

Customer survey 2020 showing support for Elexon services and OSMs

Support during Covid-19

Our 2020 customer survey also highlighted recognition from customers for our support during the Covid-10 pandemic.

  • Over 50% of customers surveyed said they highly rated our adaptability, an increase of 16% compared with 2019
  • 70% of customers also highly rated our quality of service
  • Customers also appreciated the support we provided during the COVID-19 pandemic

Customer survey 2020 adaptability to customers and Covid-19 support

Managing the Balancing and Settlement Code

We deliver an end-to-end service for the BSC, working with BSC Parties to develop changes to the code as well as proactively supporting Government, Ofgem and other bodies on policy development.
Customer survey 2020 about working with BSC parties and policy development

Driving changes to the BSC

Customer survey 2020 showing number of code Changes

P398: Increasing access to BSC Data was approved by Ofgem. P398 ensured that from June 2021, all data held by Elexon is assumed to be openly available unless the BSC Panel decides otherwise

17 BSC Modifications (changes to the code itself) were implemented

14 new BSC Modifications were raised with the industry

P375: Metering behind the Boundary Point was approved by Ofgem and is a ground-breaking change which supports progress to net zero by ensuring that activity by smaller asset owners is visible in Settlement. It will be implemented in June 2022.

Engaging with our stakeholders

We share our expertise with industry stakeholders and contribute to their work.
In 2020/21 we:

Customer survey 2020 graphic showing 675 people registered for our webinars675 people registered for our webinars. Our videos and pre-recorded webinars were watched 5,083 times

Customer survey 2020 graphic showing number of consultations reviewed Reviewed 58 consultations and responded to 17


Customer survey 2020 graphic Proposed reforming the system operator roles and energy codes in tandem to support moves to net zero

Customer survey 2020 graphicSupported the multi-product flexibility exchange TraDER, a consortium which is trialing a flexibility exchange on Orkney


We manage electricity settlement, an essential service where imbalances between electricity supply and demand are settled accurately.

Customer survey 2020 graphic showing we Settled around 49 Terawatt hours Settled around 49 Terawatt hours (TWh) in balancing actions and party’s imbalance volumes. (Balancing actions and imbalance volumes represent the net activities of parties).


Customer survey 2020 graphic showing we carried out 2,561 Settlement runs Carried out 2,561 Settlement Runs where money owed to, or by BSC Parties is paid


Customer survey 2020 graphic showing we managed 3.24 million Energy Contract Volume Notifications Managed 3.24 million Energy Contract Volume Notifications (for amounts of energy bought and sold) compared to 2.94m in 2019/20


BMRS data

Through our Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) we provide up to 10 years’ worth of accessible data on the wholesale electricity market, this is free to use under our open licence.Customer survey 2020 about BMRS website's API usage

Electricity Market Reform Settlement Services

We deliver settlement services for the Capacity Market (CM) and the Contract for Difference (CfD) schemes, through our subsidiary EMR Settlement Ltd.

Customer survey 2020 showing EMRS activities


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