Performance Assurance Framework Documents


Each year, the BSC Panel and the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) deploy the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) to manage Settlement Risks. Performance Assurance Techniques are applied to Performance Assurance Parties (PAPs) based on the Settlement Risks that they pose. 

How it relates to you

The BSC Panel and the PAB identify, evaluate and prioritise the risks that may occur within Settlement and the extent to which they apply to each Performance Assurance Parties (PAP). Performance Assurance Parties include:

  • Suppliers
  • Meter Operator Agents
  • Data Collectors
  • Data Aggregators
  • Meter Administrators
  • Licensed Distribution System Operators
  • Registrants

Understanding risk

A Settlement Risk is a risk of any failure or error in a process required under the BSC that may impact (or has impacted) Settlement. These are recorded on the Risk Evaluation Register (RER).

An example of a Settlement Risk description from the RER is:

“The risk that [the NHHDC does not enter valid Meter readings by the Final
Reconciliation (RF) Settlement Run] resulting in [old/default data entering

The RER sets out the risks, and the significance of each risk on Settlement in relation to a specific Performance Assurance Operating Period (PAOP).

Guidance Notes

These Guidance Notes set out the principles that the PAB uses when assessing the probability, impact and strength of controls relating to Settlement Risks. These documents should be read in conjunction with the Risk Evaluation Methodology  and the Risk Evaluation Register .

Key documents

The BSC Panel and the PAB produce the following suite of documents as per the Annual Performance Assurance Timetable. This is done in consultation with industry.

  • Risk Evaluation Methodology (REM) – is a reference document reviewed annually by the PAB
  • Risk Evaluation Register (RER) – this sets out the risks and the significance of each risk
  • Risk Operating Plan (ROP) – sets out techniques and costs that apply to each Settlement Risk in the RER
  • Annual Performance Assurance Report (APAR) – provides results of the risk evaluation and risk assurance procedures

Annual timetable

The Annual Performance Assurance Timetable (APAT) has been approved by the PAB and sets out the timeline for the yearly cycle of Performance Assurance Documentation. The APAT will remain active until it is reviewed and the PAB approves a new timetable.

At its March 2022 meeting, the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) approved a revised schedule for the Annual Performance Assurance Timetable (APAT). See PAB paper PAB254/05 for more information.

Risk Evaluation Methodology (REM)

The REM describes how the Performance Assurance Board does the following:

  • Identifies Settlement Risks
  • Evaluates Settlement Risks
  • Assesses the materiality of Settlement Risks

The REM is a reference document which is reviewed and approved annually by the PAB following consultation with industry.

Risk Evaluation Register

The RER sets out all currently identified risks to Settlement. On an annual basis, the RER is reviewed and an assessment is carried out on risk events that may occur in the upcoming Performance Assurance Operating Period (PAOP). The RER contains the predicted impact that each risk event would have on individual Settlement Risks if it was to occur.

The RER also sets out the forecasted impact of all identified Settlement Risks (in MWh) during the PAOP.

Focus Settlement Risks

Using the analysis completed in the RER, feedback from BSC Parties and the Performance Assurance Board (PAB), and the outputs of detective Performance Assurance Techniques (PATs), Elexon selects (on an annual basis) which Settlement Risks will be in focus for the upcoming PAOP.

Risk Operating Plan (ROP)

The ROP sets out which of the Settlement Risks will be in focus for the upcoming PAOP and how they will be managed. This includes how we plan to deploy Performance Assurance Techniques (PATs) and additional assurance activities, which aim to reduce, mitigate and / or monitor the Settlement Risks. The ROP also includes the total cost of deploying PATs against all Settlement Risks.

Elexon has produced a new ledger RER/ROP Ledger, which brings together key elements of the RER and ROP.

This ledger aims to:

  • Identify the PATs that will be deployed against each Settlement Risk
  • Allow BSC Parties to view key information relating to each Settlement Risk in one place
  • Make it easier to understand the priority and materiality levels of each Settlement Risk
  • Split out the Settlement Risk factors between those that continue to be governed by the BSC and those that are now governed by other codes

The RER and ROP are both reviewed and approved annually by the PAB following consultation with industry.

PAT Guiding Principles

This contains the guiding principles for Performance Assurance framework (PAF) Techniques and how they are applied by the Performance Assurance Board (PAB).

Quarterly Performance Assurance Report (QPAR)

The QPAR provides the results of the risk evaluation and risk assurance procedures for each quarter of the Performance Assurance Operating Period (PAOP), in particular how well the techniques mitigated the Settlement Risks.


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