Balancing Services data from the Trading Operations Report


This page details highlighted electricity balancing services data from the previous month. This data is acquired from BSC Agents and inputted to the Trading Operation Monitoring Analysis System (TOMAS) database. 

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Energy Balancing Actions  

Buy and Sell Balancing Services Volumes by Fuel Type 

The first graph displays the balancing services volumes in the Buy Stack and the second graph displays the balancing services volumes in the Sell Stack. These volumes were instructed by National Grid ESO to balance the GB electricity system. Actions in the Buy Stack increase the volume of energy on the system and actions in the Sell Stack decrease the volume of energy on the system.  

The fuel types are shown for balancing services providers that participated in the Balancing Mechanism. This graph also includes balancing volumes from Balancing Services Adjustment Actions (BSAAs). These actions are taken outside of the Balancing Mechanism and include, but are not limited to, balancing actions such as system-to-system services, Non-BM Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) actions and forward contracted energy products. 


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Balancing Services Volumes as a Percentage of Generation 

This graph shows the Balancing Services Volumes from the Buy and Sell Stacks as a percentage of total generation. The chart uses latest run type data.  


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Volumes of Supplier Delivered Balancing Services 

This chart plots the monthly volumes of Supplier Delivered balancing services. These volumes are delivered either via a Virtual Lead Party or outside of the Balancing Mechanism through Applicable Balancing Services Volumes. These arrangements were introduced in 2020, via BSC Modifications P344 and P354. They allow for an electricity suppliers electricity volumes to be adjusted where flexible assets in their portfolio are providing balancing services to the Electricity System Operator.  

For the supplier’s volume to be adjusted correctly, either a Virtual Lead Party or National Grid ESO send MSID Pair Delivered Volumes. The Half Hourly Data Aggregator also sends metered volumes for the relevant MSID Pair. The Settlement Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA) then assigns these volumes to the correct supplier’s Balancing Mechanism Unit. This allows the volumes to be used in the calculation of Energy Imbalance Volume, so that a supplier does not receive Energy Imbalance Cashflow for delivered balancing services volumes. 

This data comes from the SAAI0142 dataflow. 


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