Open Settlement Data


Several Settlement datasets are now available for you access. You can view specific details relating to different periods, charges etc. The Settlement Data provided can be used to help you to understand the settlement process and verify BSC trading charges. 

About the data sets 

All of the data below is published in month to date .csv format files within the zipped folders. The month refers to the month in which the data was produced according to the Settlement Run calendar. The data is a subset of the data available in the following data flows:

  • CDCA-I029
  • CDCA-I030 
  • CDCA-I042
  • SAA-I014 (subflow 2)

We have provided this data for you to download and use as part of ad hoc analysis. If you have any problems or issues downloading or accessing any of the data sets on this page then please contact the Analysis and Insight team.


We will continue to develop and improve our Open Settlement Data provision. If you have any feedback to help us please let us know by emailing [email protected].

Settlement Data for operational processes

If you want Settlement Data for operational processes please apply to receive the source data flows.

Real time data

For real time electricity market data please see the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service.

Central Data Collection Agent (CDCA) Data


Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) Data


Data descriptions

Use this tool and the filters within to search for the description of a dataset or data item. The tool can also be used to find out which data items are in a dataset.

To view a larger version of the data descriptions below, please select the arrow in the bottom right corner.

The descriptions for the open Settlement data items and datasets can also be downloaded in csv format:

Data source

The settlement data published here is calculated and published by the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) and Central Data Collection Agent (CDCA) as part of the Central Systems settlement process.

The SAA-I014 (subflow 2), CDCA-I029, CDCA-I030 and CDCA-I042 data flows are sent to Elexon, National Grid ESO and can be sent to BSC Parties and non-BSC Parties on request.

Elexon has reformatted the data from these data flows into .csv here to be easier to use.


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