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Performance Assurance Reports

The reports on this page provide feedback on the results of some of the Performance Assurance Techniques. They feed into the Annual Performance Assurance Report (APAR).

If you want to read previous years’ reports please email us at paa@elexon.co.uk.

Annual Performance Assurance Report (APAR)

The Annual Performance Assurance Report:

  • provides the results of the risk evaluation and risk assurance procedures, in particular how well the techniques mitigated the Settlement Risks;
  • sets out the costs of ELEXON implementing the techniques;
  • recommends changes to existing techniques or recommends creating new techniques; and
  • explains the benefits of changing the Performance Assurance Techniques.


Annual Performance Assurance Report 2015/16 Including Executive Summary

Annual Performance Assurance Report 2014/15 Including Executive Summary

Annual Performance Assurance Report 2013/14 Including Executive Summary


Performance Assurance Framework Key Performance Indicators

ELEXON will report on the KPIs quarterly, at the same time as the full update on the Performance Assurance Techniques (PATs) is presented to PAB in the TPR. The KPIs will then be published on the Performance Assurance section of the website. The PAB approved the final set of revisions to the KPIs at the April PAB meeting.

PAF_KPIs_Public Quarterly Report


BSC Audit Reports

Annual BSC Audit Report

The BSC Audit Report is produced every year by the BSC Auditor. Based on the assurance procedures the BSC Auditor performs, it highlights the key BSC Audit issues which have higher levels of potential settlement error or risk associated with them.

The Statement of Significant Matters (‘SSM’), which is included as part of the BSC Audit Report should be read in conjunction with the BSC Auditor’s assurance opinion. The SSM contains details of those issues that are judged as not being sufficiently material to be included in the BSC Auditor’s assurance opinion but which, the BSC Auditor believes are appropriate to bring to the attention of the recipients of the BSC Auditor’s Report.

KPMG, as the BSC Auditor has completed the Report for the audit of the calculations and allocations performed in relation to Settlement from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015. A summary of the Auditor’s findings for the 2014/15 Audit Year is as follows:

The BSC Audit

The BSC Panel at its meeting on the 11 June 2015 noted the BSC Auditor’s Report for the year ended 31 March 2015. This report details the BSC Auditor’s assurance opinion for the period and is accompanied by its Statement of Significant Matters.


BSC Auditor’s Opinion:

The BSC Auditor has not sought to qualify the assurance opinion for the year ended 31 March 2015 in respect of the calculations and allocations performed in relation to Settlement activities associated with the BSC and the Code Subsidiary Documents. The BSC Auditor’s assurance opinion uses a materiality threshold of 1.5TWh.


Statement of Significant Matters:

This BSC Audit Report includes the Statement of Significant Matters raised for the period ended 31 March 2015. These are as follows:

  • Proving tests not being performed and/or communicated;
  • Change of Measurement Class;
  • Incomplete or delayed provision of meter reads and Meter Technical Details;
  • Metering System Faults not resolved;
  • NHHDA D0095 exception report;
  • Large/Erroneous EACs and AAs;
  • Issues with the Long Term Vacant (LTV) process; and
  • NHH standing data flow and meter reading backlogs.


BSC Auditor’s Report -01/04/14 – 31/03/15 [1.93 Mb]


Notice re: BSC Auditor’s Report for the year ended 31 March 2015

This notice concerns the BSC Auditor’s Report for the year ended 31 March 2015 dated 11 June 2015 (the “Report”).

This notice does not apply to any BSC Trading Parties, ELEXON Limited (“ELEXON”) or the BSC Panel.

The Balancing and Settlement Code (“BSC”) obliges ELEXON to post a copy of the Report on the BSC Website. The Report was prepared by KPMG LLP (a UK limited liability partnership with its registered address at 15 Canada Square, London, E14 5GL, United Kingdom) (“KPMG”).

KPMG require that, in order for the Report to be made available to you, (on your personal behalf and, if you are accessing this Report on behalf of your employer in the scope of your employment duties, on your employer’s behalf) you acknowledge that you and, if appropriate, your employer (together, “You”) enjoy such receipt for information purposes only and accept the following terms:

  1. The Report was prepared by KPMG on the instructions of ELEXON and with only the interests of Trading Parties, the BSC Panel and ELEXON in mind; this Report was not planned in contemplation of use by You. The Report cannot in any way serve as a substitute for any enquiries and procedures which You will or should be undertaking for the purposes of satisfying yourselves regarding any issue.
  2. No work has been carried out nor have any enquiries of ELEXON’s management been made since 11 June 2015. The Report does not incorporate the effects, if any, of any events or circumstances which may have occurred or information which may have come to light subsequent to that date. KPMG makes no representation as to whether, had KPMG carried out such work or made such enquiries, there would have been any material effect on the Report. Further, KPMG has no obligation to notify You if any matters come to its attention which might affect the continuing validity of the comments or conclusions in the Report.
  3. You acknowledge that KPMG, its members, partners, employees and agents neither owe nor accept any duty or responsibility to You, whether in contract or in tort (including without limitation, negligence and breach of statutory duty) or howsoever otherwise arising, and shall not be liable in respect of any loss, damage or expense of whatsoever nature which is caused by any use You may choose to make of the Report, or which is otherwise consequent upon the provision of the Report to You.
  4. KPMG is not authorised to give explanations in relation to the Report. However, should any KPMG member, partner, employee or agent provide You with any explanations or further information, You acknowledge that they are given subject to the same terms as those specified in this notice in relation to the Report.
  5. The Report, or information obtained from it, must not be made available or copied, in whole or in part to any other person without KPMG’s prior written permission which KPMG may, at its discretion, grant, withhold or grant subject to conditions (including conditions as to legal responsibility or absence thereof).
  6. Without conferring any greater rights than You would otherwise have at law, it is accepted that this notice does not exclude any liability which any party may have for death or personal injury or for the consequences of its own fraud.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, all terms and expressions used in this notice shall have the same meaning attributed to them in the BSC.
  8. This notice shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England. The courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim, dispute or difference which may arise out of or in connection with this notice.

Funding Shares Audit Reports

The Funding Shares Audit forms part of the BSC Audit. Findings from the Funding Shares Audit are published separately.


Market Issue Documents

Market Issue documents detail matters raised by the Auditor for the industry’s attention. They capture widespread concerns which affect all organisations operating in a certain role.

The following are non-confidential versions of the Market Issues.

BSC Auditor’s Summary of Market Issues


Materiality Report

The BSC Auditor produces a Materiality Report to explain how it determines the materiality of the key issues in the Annual Report. It also covers the distribution of these errors across Settlement. In 2009/10 a number of the key issues previously reported have improved to the extent that they are no longer in the Statement of significant matters. Therefore no Materiality Report was produced. Similarly no reports were produced for the 2010/11 and 2011/12 BSC Audits.


TAA Annual Report – Half Hourly Metering Systems

The Technical Assurance of Metering (TAM) technique monitors compliance of 100kW metering HHMS registered in Settlement as Measurement Class C, as documented in the BSC and its subsidiary documents including the Balancing and Settlement Code Procedures (BSCPs) and metering Codes of Practice (CoPs).

The Technical Assurance Agent (TAA) Annual Report provides the TAA’s view on the health of the Half Hourly metering population in the SVA and CVA markets. It is based on the findings from the inspections of Technical Assurance of Metering Systems and is used to highlight key market issues, particularly those with high potential materiality or risk to the quality of data used in Settlement.

If you have had more than 25 TAA inspections during the 2015/16 audit period, you will receive your individual annual customer reports, and will also be offered a chance to discuss your individual findings with ELEXON and the TAA.

We also produce individual confidential reports for Registrants (of Metering Systems) and Meter Operator Agents who receive 25 or more visits during the year.


TAA Annual Report



Technical Assurance of Performance Assurance Parties Reports

After some types of Technical Assurance (TA) check we produce a non-confidential outcome report that is presented to the PAB. Here are the outcome reports from recent TA checks.

Annual Report – Period ending June 2007 [42 Kb]


Technical Assurance Check: Meter Technical Details Outcome Report [4390 Kb]


Technical Assurance Report: Maintaining and Managing Metering System Records [364 Kb]


Technical Assurance Check – Investigating the Trading Disputes Process Findings Report [412Kb]


Technical Assurance Report: Processing Revenue Protection Reads [838 Kb]


Technical Assurance Report: Supplier Appointments and Associated notifications [838 Kb]


Technical Assurance Check: Fault Investigation Process [484 Kb]


Technical Assurance Check: P283 Commissioning Process Implementation