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Q8 committee

Q8 meetings are held ad-hoc when a compensation claim is raised. Meetings are held in open session where the business discussed in non-confidential. Items relating to confidentiality or commercially sensitive issues are held in closed session.

What it does

Q8 is an extension of the Trading Disputes Committee (TDC) and hears trading compensation claims.

How it’s made up

Q8 is made up of the same members as the TDC, so members are appointed by, and report to the BSC Panel.

Interested in becoming a TDC Member?  Apply using our online form or contact tdcsecretary@elexon.co.uk for more information.


  • Stuart Cotten

    Panel Sponsor

  • Mark Thomas

    Industry Member

  • David Jackson

    Industry Member

  • Gregory Mackenzie

    Industry Member

  • Pauline Babb

    Industry Member

  • Andrew Kelsall

    Industry Member

  • Matthew Talbot

    Industry Member Alternate

  • Ed Morris

    Chairman (ELEXON)