Meet the Settlement and Invoicing Team


The Settlement and Invoicing team are accountable for the entirety of the Settlement & Invoicing product, all it’s processes and the development/change of the product in line with strategic, industry and customer needs. We manage customer enquiries across key products and solutions and using customer feedback look to enhance these products across process and technology improvements.

Customer enquiries

As part of our support role we manage customer enquiries across the following areas:

  • BSC Portal
  • BMRS – Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service
  • CRA – Central Registration Agent
  • ECVAA – Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent
  • FAA – Funds Administration Agent
  • Kinnect Customer Solution
  • SVAA – Supplier Volume Allocation Agent
  • SAA – Settlement Administration Agent

Submitting a service enquiry

If your enquiry relates to the above, please submit your details via the Elexon Support.

About the Kinnect Settlement Solution

The Settlement Solution is an ongoing technology development and service that will handle our core balancing and settlement operations. It establishes several modular components, which access data storage and processing technologies that can be developed quickly in response to changes in market rules, without unduly impacting other services.

Team manager

View Roger Harris

Roger HarrisRead More

Head of Settlement & Invoicing Team at Elexon
[email protected]

I am the Head of the Settlement and Invoicing Team and oversee the development of the Kinnect Settlement Solution.

Team members

View Karthika Sridharan

Karthika Sridharan

Business Designer at Elexon
[email protected]

View Ola Dawodu

Ola Dawodu

Product Owner at Elexon
[email protected]

View Riccardo Lampini

Riccardo Lampini

Product Owner at Elexon
0207 380 4172
[email protected]

View Richard Baker

Richard Baker

Delivery Lead at Elexon
[email protected]

View Yinka Afolabi

Yinka Afolabi

Product Analyst at Elexon
[email protected]


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