Code Change and Development Group (CCDG)

The CCDG is one of three industry working groups which ELEXON is chairing and providing with technical leadership to support Ofgem’s Significant Code Review on Electricity Settlement Reform.

The CCDG will build on the Target Operating Model (TOM) for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement, as delivered by the Design Working Group in August 2019, by:

  • developing further detailed areas of the TOM design
  • identifying, and overseeing drafting of, the changes needed to Industry Codes and subsidiary documents to enable the TOM

For each CCDG meeting, we produce a Headline Report summarising its discussions (see ‘Meetings’ below). We will also publish more information as the group’s work progresses. 

How are we addressing the impact of COVID-19 on this work?

We recognise that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is resulting in significant operational challenges for our stakeholders, reducing their capacity to engage with non-time-critical industry work. With the agreement of Ofgem and CCDG members, we have therefore adjusted the CCDG’s work plan. 

We are continuing work with the CCDG on its pre-consultation activities but will not issue any formal industry consultations at this time. We will only continue work to the extent that members’ resourcing capacity allows and providing we can retain a sufficient cross-section of representation. We will continually review and (if needed) adjust activities with the group, to ensure that they remain achievable.

ELEXON and Ofgem will consider the impact on the overall CCDG delivery timescales once Ofgem agrees that we can resume the group’s consultation activities.

Read Ofgem's full letter to ELEXON confirming this approach.


The work plan published on this page is therefore no longer the latest view of the CCDG’s activity timescales. However, it is still a useful indication of the key milestones and their sequencing.


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