Customer Operations (OSMs)

Operational Support Managers (OSMs) offer dedicated operational support to you, our customers – BSC Parties and Party Agents.  Our experience of providing the OSM service enables us to tailor our services to meet your needs.

The role of the OSMs

Customer Relations

We aim to know your businesses so we can deliver an OSM service to suit your needs. OSMs also keep you informed of events and corporate developments and will listen to your feedback on our activities and the operations of the BSC.

Operational Support

OSMs provide operational support and education. As well as regular meetings to discuss performance and operational issues, we can deliver tailored education sessions, calling on support from other ELEXON departments when necessary.

Training and Education

Education is one of the techniques which form part of the Performance Assurance Framework.  OSMs and other experts across ELEXON will provide this support in plain English wherever possible.  However, the responsibility remains with parties to operate under the provisions of the BSC, understanding and correctly applying its detailed requirements.

Error and Failure Resolution

The Error and Failure Resolution (EFR) process is a preventative technique which forms part of the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF). OSMs monitor and track information to identify process or performance failures at an early stage, and to prevent them from escalating. OSMs work closely with the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) to address performance issues, and play a vital role in ensuring EFR is applied consistently and transparently across the market.

More Information

While the OSM Service enables you to have more direct contact with us, the BSC Service Desk is also a source of advice in the resolution of operational queries.  If you are a BSC Party or Party Agent, please refer to the BSC Signatories and Qualified Persons page to identify your OSM.

View Adam Cox

Adam Cox

Operational Support Manager

I joined ELEXON in 2018 as an Operational Support Manager.

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View Aiyesha Andrade

Aiyesha Andrade

Operational Support Manager

I joined ELEXON as an Operational Support Manager in October 2018.

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View Dapo Opadere

Dapo Opadere

Operational Support Manager

I joined ELEXON in February 2017 as an Error and failure resolution (EFR) analyst in the Disputes and Compliance team, working closely with the OSMs to manage EFR plans, in particular, BSC Audit and Technical Assurance of Performance Parties (TAPAP) related plans.

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View Ed Morris

Ed Morris

Customer Operations Manager

I have worked at ELEXON since 2007, originally joining the Change Delivery department to support the BSC Panel committees. I then worked in a variety of operational roles across ELEXON gaining a broad knowledge of the BSC Arrangements and processes before transferring to the Customer Operations team, where I was responsible for providing support and guidance to Parties who wish to enter or exit the market. I regularly interacted with new and established companies, who may have little or no knowledge of our complex arrangements and provided an end-to-end service, guiding people from initial contact through to them going live.

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View Jemma Williams

Jemma Williams

Senior Market Entry Analyst

I joined the ELEXON in February 2016 as a Senior Change Analyst, where I was responsible for progressing a portfolio of Change Proposals and Modifications to the BSC. I was also the team lead on the European Network Codes and Cross Code working.

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View Joanna Pasnik

Joanna Pasnik

Operational Support Manager

I joined ELEXON as an Operational Support Manager in September 2016.

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View Mathew Donnelly

Mathew Donnelly

Operational Support Manager

I joined ELEXON in September 2015.

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View Nkem Afodume

Nkem Afodume

Operational Support Manager

I joined ELEXON’s Market Entry team in August 2016. Prior to working at ELEXON, I worked at Engie Power Limited and EDF Energy Ltd.

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View Oliver Meggitt

Oliver Meggitt

OSM Team Leader

I joined ELEXON in January 2010, working in the Monitoring and Disputes team.  I was involved in the production and analysis of performance reports for the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) and also provided reports to our customers.

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