About the ELEXON Board

Our Board

The seven members of the Board have a strong mix of multi-disciplinary experience and a composition that follows corporate governance best practice.

The ELEXON Board is responsible for:

  • providing leadership to ELEXON
  • setting the company’s strategic aims, including the approval of its annual Business strategy
  • ensuring that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the company to meet its objectives, including approving the company’s budget
  • reviewing the performance of the company’s management
  • the governance of the company
  •  ensuring that ELEXON’s obligations to its stakeholders, including BSC Parties, are understood and met


Our Board meets monthly and publishes its Board headline reports.


The ELEXON Board is ultimately accountable to BSC Parties.

BSC Parties can vote to remove ELEXON’s directors at the Annual BSC Meeting or at a General Meeting of Voting Parties which can be requested at any time.

BSC Parties also have the right to request a vote, at an Annual BSC Meeting or a General Meeting, on non-binding resolutions which will be advisory in nature for the Board.

Requesting meetings or votes

To request a General Meeting or a vote at an Annual BSC Meeting you should complete the necessary for and email it to ELEXON’s Company Secretariat.

It can also be sent by post to:

The Company Secretary
ELEXON Limited
4th Floor 350 Euston Road
London, NW1 3AW

The General Meeting Request Form must be authenticated by the Authorised Signatory of the Voting Party or Voting Parties making the request.

The request must also be made by Voting Parties holding at least 5% of the Actual Voting Share.

Actual Voting Share

Annex C-2 of the BSC sets out the rules for determining what a BSC Party’s Actual Voting Share.

Voting Share Register

The Actual Voting Share for your Trading Party Group or Distribution Business Group is published regularly on the website.


Votes can only be exercised by an Authorised Person or by a duly appointed Proxy.

Please refer to BSCP38 in order to appoint Authorised Persons who can:

  • keep ELEXON informed of changes to Trading Party Groups and Distribution Business Groups
  • request a vote at a General Meeting or an Annual BSC Meeting
  • exercise a vote on behalf of a Voting Party at a General Meeting or an Annual BSC Meeting
  • point a proxy to vote on a Voting Party’s behalf at a General Meeting or an Annual BSC Meeting.

Proxy Appointments

Voting Parties can appoint a proxy using the Proxy Appointment Form that is issued to you as part of the notice of a General Meeting.

Proxy Appointment Forms must be sent to ELEXON’s Company Secretariat at elexonproxyvoting@elexon.co.uk



Board profiles

View Michael Gibbons

Michael Gibbons

ELEXON Board and BSC Panel Chairman

Michael Gibbons was appointed in October 2013. Michael brings with him a wide range of industry experience, having spent 11 years at director level with Powergen.

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View Sara Vaughan

Sara Vaughan

Industry non-executive director

Sara Vaughan was appointed to the ELEXON Board on 6 March 2019. She was appointed to the E.ON UK Board as Strategy & Regulation Director in 2012. Sara was on the Board of the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy, which merged into the newly formed Energy UK in 2012, where she is an alternate Board Director.

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View David Titterton

David Titterton

Industry non-executive director

David Titterton was appointed to the ELEXON Board on 6 March 2019. David is Energy Services Director for Npower, an engineer by background and has over 34 years’ experience in the energy industry. David has held many senior roles in Npower and prior to that Scottish Power; in all parts of the energy retail business including Customer Service & Field Operations, Sales & Marketing and Trading.

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View Clare Duffy

Clare Duffy

Industry non-executive director

Clare brings extensive industry knowledge to the ELEXON Board in particular her experience working for an independent generator in the market.

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View David Rigney

David Rigney

Senior independent director

David is a qualified accountant with wide ranging experience across Finance, IT, Customer Service and Corporate Governance.

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View Anne Heal

Anne Heal

Independent non-executive director

Anne is an experienced non-executive director on a wide range of boards for leading companies

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View Mark Bygraves

Mark Bygraves

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Bygraves is the Chief Executive of ELEXON,

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Other Board attendees

  • Nick Brown – Company Secretary and Legal Advisor

The BSC Panel

The Panel oversees changes to the BSC and reviews the strategy element of ELEXON’s annual Business Plan. There are six committees made up of industry experts established by the Panel to oversee specific areas of BSC activity.

Our Executive

Our Executive Team is responsible for ELEXON’s day-to-day management. The team works with our Board, Panel and staff to ensure the successful delivery and evolution of the BSC.


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