Energy Price Guarantee scheme administration


Elexon is the Scheme Administrator for the Energy Price Guarantee covering domestic electricity consumers in Great Britain. As the Scheme Administrator Elexon will manage the estimation of domestic consumption and associated payment arrangements to and from Suppliers that take part in the scheme.

FAQs about the scheme

Q. How long will the Energy Price Guarantee operate?

Answer: The Energy Price Guarantee is in operation from 1 October 2022. Elexon will administer invoices up to the Final Reconciliation Run (RF) at ~14 months after any scheme end date.

Service Desk web form showing example of Energy Price Guarantee tick boxQ. How can I contact Elexon regarding the scheme?

Answer: Please contact the Elexon Support using the web form.


Q. When will I receive the Support Payment invoice?

Answer: Invoices will be published every Monday from 10 October 2022. Where this falls on a Bank Holiday this will be the next working day.

Q. What backing data will I receive in regards to a Support Payment Invoice?

Answer: Weekly, Daily and MPID level Summary backing data reports are provided via email from Elexon for a Support Payment Period.

The reports are in a csv format.

We expect to be able to send reports to Suppliers on the same date as the Support Payment invoice.

Please provide operational contact details to [email protected] for where you would like the reports to be sent.

Q. When will I receive the Support Payment?

Answer: Payment will be made four working days after the invoice.

Q. What happens if I need to pay Elexon?

Answer: The Support Payment Invoice will be published as per the normal weekly cycle.

Where a Supplier is required to make a payment, the amount will be payable to Elexon and will be due two working days after the invoice date.

Q. How will you calculate my domestic consumption?

Answer: A combination of estimation and actual data is used for the calculation to ensure that payment can be made as early as possible.

For Non-Half Hourly sites, we use Profile Class 1 and 2 data, excluding unmetered supplies.

Profiles are applied to convert the Estimate of Annual Consumption (EAC) and Annualised Advance (AA) values into a daily value.

For Half Hourly sites, we use consumption data for Consumption Component Class IDs 42 and 45.

Q. Will MVRNs apply?

Answer: No.

The volumes will not take into account any Meter Volume Reallocation Notifications. The volumes will remain with the Lead Party/Licensed Supplier.

Q. When should I submit Reduced Tariff Floor (RTF) Adjustments to Elexon?

Answer: Suppliers should provide RTF Adjustment data to Elexon no later than ten business days after the end of a Support Payment Period.

Q. How do I submit Reduced Tariff Floor (RTF) Adjustments to Elexon?

Answer: Please email RTF Adjustment submissions to [email protected]

Q. What should I include in the Reduced Tariff Floor (RTF) Adjustment submission?

Answer: Suppliers should include the following:

  • BSC Party ID
  • Scheme Week
  • Amount of RTF Adjustment £
  • RTF MSID Count
  • RTF Total KWh Impact

Q. What should I submit if I believe I do not have a Reduced Tariff Floor (RTF) Adjustment for a Support Payment Period?

Answer: If you believe this is the case, we still require you to provide notice to us, so please submit a £0 RTF Adjustment for the relevant Support Payment Period.

You can submit for multiple Support Payment Periods if you believe this will repeatedly be the case.

Q. When will my Reduced Tariff Floor (RTF) Adjustment be processed by Elexon?

Answer: For Support Payment Periods to date since 1 October 2022, where RTF has been submitted, the data will be processed in time for Monday 7 November 2022.

This will be reflected in your invoice and reported in your backing data.

Please note that this will result in reduced payment on 11 November 2022 as the RTF amount is net off.

We will speak to any Suppliers that are at risk of the RTF amount resulting in a net amount payable to Elexon.

RTF Adjustment Amounts will then be processed on a weekly basis for each Support Payment Period.


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