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This page lists all Consultations relating to the BSC and other related codes. The consultations allow ELEXON to gather feedback from the industry about proposed changes so that any concerns are considered as part of our processes.

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View P428 Report Phase Consultation

P428 Report Phase Consultation

Under the current approved P376 solution, VLPs with BM Units that have not been registered as a ‘Baselined BM Unit’ would be required to specify the ‘Inactive’ status of a non-baselined BM Unit. It is Elexon’s view that this new requirement was not intended, is expected to increase both system development costs associated with P376 as well as on-going operational costs for VLPs. This current requirement is not necessary, adds no value and does not better facilitate any of the Applicable BSC Objectives. The Proposer of P376 agrees that allowing non-baselined BM Units would cause a problem and suggested disallowing this functionality.

View P332 Assessment Procedure Consultation

P332 Assessment Procedure Consultation

This is the Assessment Procedure Consultation for P332 ‘Revisions to the Supplier Hub Principle’.

This Modification seeks to address issues associated with customer preferred Supplier Agents. The proposed solution is a side letter between Elexon and Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Data Collectors (DCs) which will enable a Supplier who does not have a direct contract with the DC to enforce, as a last resort, the side letter as a proxy contract, to ensure that BSC obligations are met. The proposed solution will now apply to SVA DCs only as SVA Meter Operator governance will move from the BSC to the Retail Energy Code (REC) from 1 September 2021 as part of Retail Code Consolidation (RCC).

View P422 ‘Reflecting NCER Rules in the BSC’

P422 ‘Reflecting NCER Rules in the BSC’

This Modification will update the BSC to ensure it accurately reflects the BSC provisions constituting the network code on electricity emergency and restoration (NCER) Rules in the mapping for the European Electricity Balancing Guideline (EBGL) Article 18 Terms and Conditions. Both the EBGL and the NCER were incorporated into UK law by the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 following the UK-EU transition period.

View P420 Authority Led SCR Modification Consultation

P420 Authority Led SCR Modification Consultation

We have issued P420 ‘Retail Code Consolidation Significant Code Review’ for Industry  Consultation, which you are invited to respond to by 17 June 2021.

P420 seeks to ensure the BSC aligns with Ofgem’s Retail Code Consolidation Significant Code Review, which consolidates a number of existing codes into the REC. The proposed changes have a direct impact on the BSC in terms of the transfer of the SVA Metering arrangements from the BSC to the REC and cross-code change procedures, as well as consequential changes reflecting the close down of the MRA.

P420 makes the necessary changes to reflect the code governance changes implemented through the Retail Code Consolidation SCR. Specifically, it will:

  1. Ensure the BSC reflects the close down of the MRA.
  2. Transfer operational procedures relating to Metering Point Lifecycle from the MRA to the BSC.
  3. Make the necessary changes to transfer SVA Metering arrangements to the REC, and facilitate a transition period for metering assurance.
  4. Insert the required drafting to give effect to the CCSG, which will be established under the REC to better facilitate cross-code change
View P413 Report Phase Consultation

P413 Report Phase Consultation

We have issued P413 ‘Enable Elexon to be the Programme Manager for the implementation of Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement’ for Report Phase Consultation, which you are invited to respond to by 1 March 2021 .

P413 will enable Elexon to provide Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Implementation Management services under the BSC, as the BSC Company (BSCCo), where Ofgem determines that Elexon shall provide some or all of these services. Elexon may also appoint a MHHS Implementation Assurance Provider, depending on Ofgem’s preference.

Under the Proposed Modification, Elexon’s costs in providing MHHS Implementation Management services will be recovered from BSC Trading Parties by market share through the BSC’s existing Main Funding Share mechanism.

Under the Alternative Modification, the costs will be recovered solely from Suppliers by market share through a new Specified BSC Charge.

P413 will also enable Elexon to participate in any competitive tender exercise used to appoint MHHS Implementation Management services. Any Elexon bid costs will be recovered from BSC Trading Parties through the Main Funding Share, but subject to a cap.

View BSC Sandbox Consultation: S2020-01 Emergent Energy

BSC Sandbox Consultation: S2020-01 Emergent Energy

This is a public industry consultation for BSC Parties and interested Third Parties. We are seeking views on the impacts on Parties relating to the implementation of a BSC Sandbox Application for Emergent Energy. Emergent Energy are seeking a derogation to enable a trial of on-site aggregation at Private Wire Networks where domestic customers are Supplied by Third Party Suppliers. The derogation will allow Emergent Energy to submit aggregated customer readings in lieu of the sites’ boundary meter readings, eliminating double counting of energy supplied to customers with Third Party Suppliers.

View P392 Assessment Procedure Consultation

P392 Assessment Procedure Consultation

This Modification will ensure the process and responsibilities for amending BSC provisions constituting EBGL Article 18 terms and conditions reflect delegations made by NGESO in favor of the BSCCo and BSC Panel, to ensure a unified market change process. These changes are necessary to ensure the EBGL change process is followed as part of the existing BSC Change process, for all future BSC Modifications that impact the EBGL Article 18 terms and conditions found in the BSC.


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