BSC Panel

About the Panel

The BSC Panel plays an important role in helping to ensure that the provisions of the BSC are given effect; it must do so promptly, fairly, economically, efficiently, transparently and in such a manner as will promote effective competition in the generation, supply, sale and purchase of electricity.

The BSC Panel is a group of industry experts and consumer representatives. Its role is to govern the BSC and ensure that all Parties comply with the code’s rules. The Panel also assesses BSC rule change proposals (called Modifications) and votes on whether to approve or reject a Modification.

In cases where the change has a material impact on BSC Parties, the Panel makes a recommendation to Ofgem on whether the change should be approved or not.

BSC Panel Elections

Every two years new people are appointed to the BSC Panel.

ELEXON facilitate the appointment of new members via our election process and all the relevant information can be found on the BSC Panel Election page.

Panel Meetings

Please contact the [email protected] if you want to participate in the open session of any BSC Panel meeting.

Remote Meetings

Events relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are changing on a daily basis. We took an early decision to base all of our staff at home as a means of continuing our service uninterrupted, and to help in efforts to stop the spread of the virus. Consequently, for the time being, we will no longer be hosting meetings at our London office, though we will continue to provide our services as normal.

Please read through our guidance with respect to forthcoming meetings which will be hosted remotely for the foreseeable future. Your meeting host will be in contact with you to ensure all necessary arrangements are in place to hold meetings virtually.

Clearly the specific advice we are referencing here may change so we ask all committee members and stakeholders to ensure they keep up to date on advice from the Government and we will also update our procedures, and notify you, as appropriate.

For further information please visit the Public Health England website.

Attending Panel Meetings

We do not publish these recordings. However, they may be shared with Panel members and the appointed attendees from Ofgem and Distribution Businesses as well as the BSC Auditor and employees of ELEXON Ltd.

Please note that we record BSC Panel meetings for quality and training purposes.

By attending and/or participating in the BSC Panel meeting you agree that your contributions at the Panel meeting will be recorded

Panel meeting dates



Paper published

Meeting date


9 January 2020

16 January 2020


6 February 2020

13 February 2020


5 March 2020

12 March 2020


2 April 2020

9 April 2020


07 May 2020

14 May 2020


4 June 2020

11 June 2020


2 July 2020

9 July 2020


6 August 2020

13 August 2020


3 September 2020

10 September 2020


1 October 2020

8 October 2020


5 November 2020

12 November 2020


3 December 2020

10 December 2020


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