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We have training videos available for people involved in the electricity industry. These include an overview of the BSC and specific sessions of key parts of working in the electricity industry.

What Elexon does video

This video explains what Elexon does to operate the Balancing and Settlement arrangements in Great Britain.

Video published: March 2021
Video length: 2 min, 43 sec

Training Videos

Elexon and BSC seminar: Introduction to the energy market

This one-day seminar provides a useful overview of the balancing mechanism and imbalance settlement processes and how the different industry bodies interact with them.

Credit and Credit Default

For customers who want to understand the Credit Cover arrangements and in particular new BSC Parties before they register their first Balancing Mechanism (BM) Unit. 

Imbalance Pricing

Introductory presentation video on Imbalance Prices. This will be of interest to customers who are new to the electricity market.

Imbalance Settlement

This training will be of interest to those new to the electricity industry and those who want an overview of the electricity settlement process. Basic understanding of the roles of Generators and Suppliers is assumed. Combining this with the short ‘Understanding Credit Cover’ training as a follow on as the two are closely related. This combination is highly recommended to new or future BSC Parties before they register their first BM Unit.

Management and Resolution of EACs and AAs

For customers working in Supply, Non Half Hourly (NHH) Data Aggregator or NHH Data Collector businesses. It is aimed at customers directly involved with the large Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC)/Annualised Advance(AA) issue at operational or managerial level.

Market Domain Data

For anyone who deals with Market Domain Data (MDD), especially Suppliers and Licensed Distribution System Operators (LDSOs). The training provides a high level overview of MDD and its associated administration and change process Attendees should be familiar with the Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) arrangements of the electricity industry.

Metering (CVA & SVA Metering)

This training will interest customers who are new to the electricity market. It will also involve operational data analysis related to metering. We advise that you also view the ‘Technical Assurance of Metering Systems’ training.

Performance Assurance Framework (PAF)

This will be of interest to customers operating in the Supplier Volume Allocation side of settlement who want to understand the risk management and assurance provided under the BSC. It is particularly relevant for customers responsible for managing compliance with the BSC and supporting individual Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) techniques.  

PARMS, Peer Comparison and Supplier Charges

For Suppliers and Supplier Agents involved with PARMS submissions and the trading charges related to the submissions. We will show how supplier charges are calculated, and how Supplier Agents submit Performance Assurance Reporting and Monitoring data for their associated suppliers.

Profiling Arrangements

Of particular interest to customers in a role relating to Supplier Volume Allocation, and those attendees of the Supplier Volume Allocation training who require a more detailed insight into profiling.

Settlement Performance (for Suppliers)

This basics of Settlement performance for Suppliers video is aimed at new market entrants, new members of staff at an existing Suppliers or anyone interested in learning about the basics of Settlement performance.

Supplier Volume Allocation

Of interest to those new to the electricity industry and those who want an overview of the electricity settlement process. 

Technical Assurance of Metering Systems

Will be of particular interest to customers working in a metering related role at their organisation. Technical Assurance of Metering applies to organisations with meters registered in the Central Volume Allocation and Supplier Volume Allocation Half Hourly markets.

Trading Disputes

This training will be of particular interest to any customers that can raise a Trading Dispute (BSC Parties, physical and non-physical Trading Parties, National Grid and Distribution System Operators) and want to know more about the process.


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