Kinnect Customer Solution ongoing development and planning


The Kinnect Customer Solution will continually evolve to introduce further functionality and options to the service. These developments are based on industry requirements as well as on customer feedback.

Current functionality

Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution, self-service gateway, offers online services that enables BSC Parties to carry out tasks and manage accounts online. This includes: Digitalised Market Entry; Asset registration; Account management; and Exiting the market.

Developments now taking place

The following developments were delivered in 2022/2023.


This modification allowed VLPs and/or Suppliers to notify us through the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution if they want to use a baselining methodology to determine the expected energy flows for an MSID Pair in the calculation of Non-Delivery Charges and Delivered Volumes.


This modification introduced the ability for Non-Final Demand facilities to declare the assets that should be excluded from BSUos charges. Parties can submit the declarations through the Kinnect Customer Solution.

Developments next in our roadmap

The following developments are expected to be delivered in 2023/2024.


This modification introduces changes to the SAA-I042 ‘BM Unit Gross Demand Report’ to exclude electricity from Generators that falls outside the definition of supply. We are working to align the declaration process to reduce the effort involved and make it easier for Parties to submit through the Kinnect Customer Solution.


This modification will introduce a new type of Virtual Lead Party that can access the Wholesale Trading Market.

CRA Decommissioning

Elexon is migrating their legacy systems and services to the Cloud through the Kinnect Programme, delivering significant benefits not least extensibility and the associated capability to minimise both their CAPEX and OPEX exposure in delivering these services.

The Central Registration Agent (CRA) forms a key component of Elexon’s CVA applications which has been part migrated to the Cloud through the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution.

Elexon has identified further significant benefits and savings from decommissioning the remaining functionality in CRA and moving the capabilities to the relevant cloud solutions. The CRA Decommissioning programme has been established to deliver this, targeting early 2024 for cutover to the new cloud services.

The scope of services being moved includes:

  • the validation and capture of CVA Metering Systems
  • the Reporting of registration and Asset details to various roles and parties using Elexon’s services
  • the determination of GC/DC Breaches and capture of GC/DC Breach values
  • the provision of key reports to the Elexon Portal
  • all associated key Local Work Instructions

Future developments

  • CVA Qualification – the ability to book the CVA Qualification test online as well as view the results for your Party roles
  • Communication line – the ability to order a low grade communication line
  • Updates to existing user interfaces
  • SVA Qualification – digitalised Self-Assessment Document
  • Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement


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