Releases and Implementing Change

Changes to the BSC, Code Subsidiary Documents and other Configurable Items and to BSC Agent Software systems and associated documentation are implemented through a programme of BSC System Releases.

What is a Release?

A Release is a packet of approved Modifications and Change Proposals which are usually all implemented on the same date (although occasional Releases may have more than one Implementation Date).

Releases allow multiple changes to be implemented at once, gives the industry a degree of certainty around the dates when changes will be implemented and gives Parties and Party Agents sufficient time to plan the changes to their systems and processes which are required to meet the new and amended requirements.

When are the Release dates?

There are three planned Releases each year, which are usually scheduled for:

  • The last Thursday in February
  • The last Thursday in June
  • The first Thursday in November

Most Modifications and Change Proposals will be targeted for one of these planned Releases. However, ‘standalone’ Releases are occasionally required should a particular change need to be implemented on a specific Implementation Date outside of one of the planned Releases.

A planned Release will not take place if there are no approved Modifications or Change Proposals to implement. Additionally, if there is only a small number of Change Proposals scheduled for a Release but there is no business case for implementing them at that time, the Release will not take place and the changes will instead be implemented in the next appropriate Release.

How are Releases communicated to industry?

The details for each Release are published on the relevant Release webpage to ensure that you are ready to implement the changes on the relevant Implementation Date. This information will generally include as appropriate:

  • The changes approved for inclusion in the Release;
  • A list of all the impacted documents and copies of the approved redlined changes for those documents;
  • A list of all the interfaces between BSC Central Services and Parties and Party Agents that would change and an explanation of how;
  • Business Requirements Solution (BRS) documents for complex changes;
  • The Release Test Strategy and any test files for use in Participant Testing or to assist participants in testing their own systems; and
  • Key dates for industry input.

Please note that not all of the above information will be published on the Release webpage from the outset; these pages are updated regularly during the lifetime of the Release.

Keeping up-to-date

In addition, Release Circulars are issued to provide important information and to request document reviews, and articles are published in our newsletter, Newscast, to remind you of any important events.


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