Metering Dispensations


If you’re the Registrant of a Metering System, you can apply for a Metering Dispensation if (for financial or practical reasons) the associated Metering Equipment will or does not comply with the applicable Code of Practice. Generic Metering Dispensations may be applied to any item of Metering Equipment.

How it relates to you

BSCP32 – Metering Dispensations defines the interfaces and timescales for Metering Dispensation applications, as well as providing the application forms. 

We recommend that you submit applications for new or updates to existing (e.g. extensions) Metering Dispensations in sufficient time for them to be fully considered by the relevant BSC Panel Committee(s) at their meeting(s).

We recommend you do this at least 14 weeks before you require the Metering Dispensation to be approved.

We also recommend you provide detailed cost assessments (i.e. a fully compliant vs non-compliant Metering System) and robust accuracy/materiality assessments (i.e. the impact on Settlement of a non-compliant vs fully compliant Metering System) for temporary and lifetime Metering Dispensation applications and detailed plans (including timescales) for rectifying non-compliances associated with temporary Metering Dispensations.

Elexon provides guidance for BSC Parties wishing to have their Metering Dispensation approved under BSCP32 including timescales and key dates.

Guidance notes

Information about current generic Metering Dispensations and for non-confidential site specific Metering Dispensation is available from the following links:

BSC process documents

Generic Metering Dispensations

The BSC Panel may, on its own initiative or upon the application of a Party, establish Metering Dispensations from the requirements of any relevant Code of Practice which attach generally to any item of Metering Equipment. Such dispensations are referred to as “Generic Dispensations”.

D/380 is a Generic Metering Dispensation that applies to Registrants (Suppliers) whose customers are embedded within a License Exempt Distribution Network (private network) and are seeking competitive supply. This guidance on the right-hand side of this webpage provides further information for Registrants wishing to use D/380.

Metering Dispensation Review Group (MDRG)

The Metering Dispensation Review Group (MDRG) is a formal review group to support Elexon in the technical review of Metering Dispensations applications.

Members of the MDRG are industry Metering experts in either the Central Volume Allocation (CVA) or Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) arrangements. The MDRG do not represent the interests of their employers.

For further information on the duties of the MDRG, please refer to the Terms of Reference.  

If you are interested in becoming an MDRG member, please email [email protected].


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