About the Digital Code site


Elexon has developed a dedicated site that will enable customers to have much easier access to the BSC and its subsidiary documents. The site includes the BSC, CoPs and BSCPs, Guidance Notes, Simple Guides, Interface Definitions Documents, Business Definition Documents, User Requirement Specifications, Service Descriptions and Category 3 documents. It  includes improved functionality and allows customers to move away from the current PDF documents. The dedicated site is known as the Digital Code.

Video introducing the Digital Code

Video Published: November 2022
Video Length: 1 min, 50 secs


How it relates to you

Currently, the BSC and subsidiary documents are available as PDFs and this brings some limitations to how customers can find relevant information based on their role or the work they need to carry out.

By digitalising the code documents and the valuable Guidance Notes we will be able to create a more unified content collection for our customers so that they can investigate and examine the obligations and processes that govern this part of the electricity industry.

The digitalised code is now available for customers to access and offer feedback and suggestions.

Example of the homepage design for the Digital Code website

Developments to the site

Future features could include enhanced search capability, linking related paragraphs and documents, making defined terms easily available, showing obligations relevant to the customer.

Eventually we are planning to create options for interactive use of the digitalised code for those wishing to review document changes as they progress through Workgroups and Committees.


We see the digital code driving much greater efficiency in delivering modifications to the legal text as the digital code will identify related content, both explicit cross-references and also semantically similar content. We also envisage a web based workflow for amending the documents.

By making best use of this technology we will help our customers to ‘self-serve’ more quickly, find relevant content and get quicker answers to their questions.

Some of the key features we have identified for early inclusion are:

  • Linking elements of the BSC text and supporting documents by subject, allowing customers to easily find related information that will help them understand and complete tasks.
  • Enhanced search functionality will allow customers to interact and search the entire BSC text and supporting documents as if they were one collection, which will ensure greater accuracy.

As well as a real step forward for BSC Parties, digitalising the code will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort Elexon spends on updating code documents manually, increasing our ability to implement industry change more quickly.

This work is a key element of our aim of making the BSC easier to navigate and understand, significantly removing some of the barriers to entry for new market participants.

Overall this initiative supports our strategic priority to consolidate and simplify central market arrangements.

Get involved

The User Group has been formed to allow our customers and stakeholders the opportunity to help shape the design of the new digital version of the Code.

Voice of the customer

Voice of the Customer is a strategic objective at Elexon and aims to include our customers in the development of our products and services.

We will be inviting customers to trial the digital code and provide us with their feedback before releasing it more widely.

This will enable our customers to review and test the progress of the development at various stages and to feedback their thoughts and ideas, so that it delivers the most value for our customers.


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