About the Digital Code site


Elexon has a dedicated site for customers to access to the BSC and its subsidiary documents. The site includes the BSC, CoPs and BSCPs, Guidance Notes, Simple Guides, Interface Definitions Documents, Business Definition Documents, User Requirement Specifications, Service Descriptions and Category 3 documents. The dedicated site is known as the Digital Code.

How it relates to you

The digital code provides users with an easy way to investigate and examine the obligations and processes that govern this part of the electricity industry.

The digitalised code is available for customers.

Example of the homepage design for the Digital Code website

Developments to the site

Future features include role based filtering, AI chat bot and optional customisation and personalisation opportunities. 


The digital code drives much greater efficiency in delivering modifications to the legal text as the digital code will identify related content, both explicit cross-references and also semantically similar content. 

By making best use of this technology we will help our customers to ‘self-serve’ more quickly, find relevant content and get quicker answers to their questions.

As well as a real step forward for BSC Parties, digitalising the code significantly reduces the amount of time and effort Elexon spends on updating code documents manually, increasing our ability to implement industry change more quickly.

This work has been a key element of our aim of making the BSC easier to navigate and understand, significantly removing some of the barriers to entry for new market participants.

Get involved

The User Group has been formed to allow our customers and stakeholders the opportunity to help shape the design of the digital version of the Code.


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